The Palm Springs Trailer From Hulu & A Deconstruction Of Time Loops
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The Palm Springs Trailer From Hulu Showcases A Delightful Deconstruction Of Groundhog’s Day

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BY June 16, 2020

When it comes to the infinitely repeating time-loop, one movie immediately comes to mind: Harold Ramis’ Groundhog’s Day starring Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell. However, there have been dozens of films utilizing this concept (and a considerable number of them are Christmas movies?). The latest, Palm Springs starring Andy Samberg and Christin Milioti debuts on Hulu and just released its first trailer. The movie premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and rights sold for a whopping $22 million to both Hulu and Neon, a drive-in movie company. Thus, the film will premiere both on the streaming service and on big-screens you can watch from your car.

The film itself seems fairly straightforward. Samberg (and J.K. Simmons, apparently) end up stuck in an indefinite time-loop on the day of a wedding. While hooking up with Milioti’s character, Samberg catches an arrow (?!) in his shoulder. He and Milioti end up in a magical cave which puts them in the loop together.

What proceeds, according to the trailer, is a fun romantic comedy about what “matters” in life. Yet, what makes it unique is that we seem to have multiple people stuck in the loop for varying amounts of “time.” It’s basically Groundhog’s Day, but approaches the topic from a very deconstructionist take on the time-loop trope.

What the Trailer for Palm Springs on Hulu Reveals About the Film

Palm Springs Hulu Trailer Christine Milioti andy samberg car Featured image via Hulu

From the trailer, the Hulu original Palm Springs will feature many of the fun staples of these films. There is a love story. There are misadventures where the looped characters play fast-and-loose with the laws of morality, physics, and nature. And, there will be joy, and there will be despair. Yet, from how Samberg’s character describes the scenario to Milioti’s character, it seems like this is a world in which time-loop films exist. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Groundhog’s Day is name-dropped.

So, along with the jokes we expect from these movies, Palm Springs may have a little more room to wax philosophical about the meaning of life. From the trailer, the characters seem to have existential crises about what the purpose of living in a loop where nothing has consequences. Consequences and the fact that our time on the great blue marble is limited typically is what gives meaning to our lives. In fact, one of the best time-travel series of all time, 12 Monkeys, makes this a central theme to their story.

Yet, finding meaning in a world where time is infinite and “nothing matters,” is a harder task and maybe the kind of escapism the world needs right now.

What do you think of the trailer for the Hulu original Palm Springs? Are you excited for a deconstructionist take on this theme or do you feel like time-loop stories have run their course? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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