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The Matrix: Resurrections Teaser Trailer Makes Us Question Reality All Over Again

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BY April 29, 2022

One of the most influential science fiction franchises of, well, ever, is returning with a sequel. The Matrix was monumental for so many reasons. But the most substantial of which was the deep philosophical concepts the film discussed and depicted. So it’s no wonder that The Matrix: Resurrections teaser trailer has a familiar theme of questioning reality. While it’s actually two teasers, both of them seem to be battling one another in terms of trying to convince us, or someone, to either stay put in their world or question everything. So let’s break down The Matrix: Resurrections teaser trailer. 

 How The Matrix Changed The World Of Cinema

The Matrix: Resurrections teaser trailer Morpheus. Image via Screen Grab.

The Matrix saw advancements in technical filmmaking and storytelling. Directors, The Wachowski Sisters took the themes of metaphysical concepts of reality, the sense of self, destiny and the eternal struggle presented themselves in its hyper-action story. The story was all about how the established world is a computer simulation designed by synthetic life forms using humanity as fuel. A select few have broken out, and rebel against the machines, finding their one saviour in Neo (Keanu Reeves), prophesized to free humans of the machine’s oppression. 

The first Matrix movie did gangbusters for what it was. The evolution of action choreography, special and practical effects along with never before seen storytelling blew minds. While the second and third instalments of the franchise were not as impressive. The franchise is still revered as one the best in cinematic history. So the sequel is very much anticipated and The Matrix: Resurrections teaser trailer seems to deliver on those similar themes the first film dealt with.

The Matrix: Resurrections Teaser Trailer Show Little, But Just Enough

The Matrix: Resurrections teaser trailer machines. Image via Screen Grab.

Resurrections will apparently continue the story established in the first three Matrix movies. The trilogy ended with a less than satisfying explanation of how the eternal struggle of Good vs. Evil will always be perpetuated throughout time. So the events of the movies we experienced, will seemingly happen again, as they’ve happened before. This soured fans and audiences of the franchise, feeling like it was all for nothing. So to continue that story will take finesse and a lot of effort. And The Matrix: Resurrections teaser trailer seems to do just that.

There are actually two teaser trailers that came out recently. With two opposing voice-over narrations, seemingly speaking to someone very specific. The first teaser begins with what sounds like the voice of Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, in a voice very similar to that of Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) from the original movies. The narration sounds like the same pitch that Morpheus gave to Neo when bringing him out of the simulation into reality. He did so by offering him two pills, one red, one blue. The red will break him out of the simulated reality, while the blue will allow him to stay in ignorance continue the facade. The sequences that follow showcase an older Neo battling with Abdul-Mateen’s character, similar again, to scenes from the original. 

 Blue Vs. Red: Theorizing About The Matrix: Resurrections Teaser Trailer

The Matrix: Resurrections teaser trailer pill Image via Screen Grab.

 Revealed on the website,, the two teasers came through choices the user had to make. When they pick the red pill, you got Abdul-Mateen’s narration. If the blue, then you got a second teaser. The second teaser is much more interesting. While the first seemingly encourages the listener to question their reality, the second asks them to stay put. Almost trying to convince them that the events of the previous franchise, was all their mind playing tricks. 

Interspersed with the narration of Neil Patrick Harris, in an unknown role, is scenes of an older Neo, seemingly struggling with his own reality. There are sequences of him trying to jump between buildings, like in the first film. But this time, with a crowd behind him, trying to stop him. There’s also a scene of Neo taking a bottle of Blue pills, prescribed to Mr. Anderson, his real name. In that shot, the mirrored reflection of Neo is a much older man. It’s an interesting contrast between the two teasers that only further create anticipation for the new movie.

 The Matrix: Resurrections releases on December 22. The full trailer is coming on Sept. 9. 

 Did The Matrix: Resurrections teaser trailer get you excited for the new movie? Let us know in the comments below. 

 Featured image via Warner Bros. 


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