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The Marvels Release Date Pushed Back Once Again

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BY February 20, 2023

The Marvel Cinematic Universe might be one of the biggest in existence, but that doesn’t stop them from suffering from common problems! In particular, Disney and Marvel have delayed The Marvels release date once again. This marks the fourth delay for this movie! Previously, Marvel planned to release the film on July 8th, 2022. However, they later pushed this back to November 11th before delaying it again to February 17th, 2023. Following this, they delayed it to July 28th. The most recent delay has the movie releasing on November 10th, 2023. Hopefully, this is the last delay! 

However, it’s not all bad news. Despite the delays, Marvel also released a new poster for the movie. This poster features several key members from the series, and you can check it out below. These are Captain Marvel, played by Brie Larson, Kamala Khan, played by Iman Vellani, and Monica Rambeau, played by Teyonah Parris. Additionally, the poster also has the tagline “Higher. Further. Faster. Together.,” which is clearly teasing some interesting parts of the film. Naturally, this poster will hardly compensate for the delay, but it’s nice to get something anyway!

Regardless of The Marvels release date, it is scheduled to be part of Marvel’s Phase 5. Unfortunately, we still don’t know a whole lot about the film. What we do know is that it’ll be a crossover between plenty of Marvel characters. These include those from Ms. Marvel, WandaVision, and Captain Marvel. As such, we’ll likely see plenty of plot points from these series. Keep reading to find out more.

When is The Marvels release date?

The Marvels Release Date Image: Marvel/Disney

Apparently, the film will feature the main cast in each others’ places. That’s an exciting piece of news, even with The Marvels release date delay. During the Ms. Marvel post-credits scene, we saw some hints of this. Supposedly, each woman uses their powers, causing them to swap places. Nia DaCosta is the director and co-writer for the film. Previously, she worked on Candyman. Megan McDonnell, Zeb Wells, and Elissa Karasik also helped to write the movie. They’ve all had experience with Marvel after working on WandaVision, She-Hulk, and Loki, respectively. 

Previously, before the announcement of The Marvels release date delay, Marvel boss Kevin Feige spoke about the film. He said,

” picking up directly after the end of Captain Marvel 1, not in timeline but in story. We also do that in our upcoming Disney Plus series Secret Invasion, and those are two very different follow-ups to that movie. Tonally, they couldn’t be more different. But there’s something immensely powerful about seeing Monica and Kamala, and Carol together in a frame. To me, it’s only akin to the first Avengers movie and seeing the six of them together in a frame. It’s chill-inducing. They’re so great together, and they all have different histories with one another.”

Marvel Phase 5

The Marvels Release Date Image: Marvel/Disney

So, regardless of The Marvels release date delay, it looks like it will be one great movie! This is just one of many movies that will form part of Marvel Phase 5. There’s Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania which recently came out, along with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, which is coming later this year. Next year, there’ll be Captain America: New World Order, Thunderbolts, and Blade.

However, it’s not just films in Marvel Phase 5; there are plenty of television shows, too. Secret Invasion comes out in early 2023, while Loki season 2 will release in the middle of the year. At the end of 2023, we’ll see Agatha: Coven of Chaos, and Daredevil: Born Again will come out in early 2024. Currently, we don’t have any release dates for What If…? season 2, Ironheart, or Echo.

Clearly, it’s going to be a jam-packed few years ahead, and we can’t wait! Hopefully, The Marvels release date delay is the last one.


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