The King's Man Official Trailer Carves Out A Space For Itself
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The Kingsman Prequel Trailer Carves Out A Space For Itself In The Franchise

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BY June 22, 2020

Matthew Vaughn’s The Kings Man trailer continues the action extravaganza of a film franchise. TWe could complain about how ridiculous and outrageous the story gets as the sequels continue. However, that doesn’t seem to be a source of concern for the studio or its fans. The King’s Man official trailer separates itself from the other movies, with a space between the words in its title. Similarly, the plot of the movie looks just as incoherent as that idea. Oh, but I’m still excited!

The Kingsman Movies Are A Jolly-Good Time

The King's Man official trailer poster. Image via 20th Century Fox.

Kingsman: The Secret Service from 2014 launched the career of its leading man Taron Egerton into the mainstream. So the movie starring the now Golden Globe-winning actor was actually pretty decent, despite its shortcomings. The franchise also helped reinvent Colin Firth, lovable and non-threatening Brit favorite, into a true-blue action hero. The movie came from a 2012 comic book series by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons. The premise of Kingsman was simple enough; an independent British organization that protected the UK, along with the world, from evil threats. The first movie’s threat was a lisping Samuel L. Jackson, in a hilarious and villainous role. Then, the second movie in the franchise upped the ante with an American version of the Kingsman, starring Channing Tatum and Halle Barry. The plot of that one is a little, uh, convoluted, but Pedro Pascal had a laser-lasso!

The first film was an amazing action-comedy adventure that featured all the staples of a great action flick. An underdog story with super-secret spy elements and gizmos, complemented by some incredible action. Colin Firth’s grandiose church massacre filmed in a one-shot sequence, through CGI trickery, is one of my favorite moments of any action movie. The sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, failed to live up to its predecessor but was still a great time in theatres. 

The Kingsman Prequel Has a Strong Cast 

The Kings Man official trailer villain Image via 20th Century Studios.

Promising to be an origin story, The King’s Man official trailer reveals some sort of shadowy group of criminals hell-bent on destroying the world for whatever nefarious purposes. We know they are bad because they are led by Rasputin.

It’s actually a great progression of the 3-movie franchise formula. The first movie introduces the spy group with training montages and all. Following that,  the second movie ups the ante with other, similar groups from different cultures, along for a bigger ride. Subsequently, the third film then brings it back full circle for a prequel. Instead of Firth and Egerton in the veteran and rookie roles, this time around its Ralph Fiennes and Harris Dickinson.

The massive supporting cast includes the likes of Gemma Arterton, Daniel Bruhl, Stanley Tucci, Tom Hollander, Djimon Hounsou, and Rhys Ifans. Matthew Vaughn is also returning to direct the film.

The King’s Man Official Trailer Showcases The Origin Story Of The Spy Organization

The new trailer, released on YouTube, showcases the beginnings of The Kingsman. The veteran recruiting a young gun happens again in this story as Fiennes’ characters takes Dickinson’s through the paces in the prequel. As a result, the movie is set in WWII, and what ensues in the trailer is an explosive, breathtaking series of high octane action-adventure that is definitely going to make for a fun and thrilling ride. So I’m very interested in the superb cast and, going by the other installments in this franchise, their incredibly over the top performances. If nothing, The King’s Man is going to feature everyone in front of, and behind the camera, having the time of their lives. And those kind of good times usually carries over to audiences.

The King’s Man releases on September 18 in theatres. 

So what did you think of The King’s Man official trailer? Let us know in the comments below.


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