The Flash New Images Revealed Just One Month Away!
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The Flash New Images Revealed Just One Month Away!

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BY May 16, 2023

Warner Bros. has just unveiled new images from The Flash within just one month until its theatrical release. Hype is skyrocketing for the new DC event, which will bring back iconic characters such as Michael Keaton’s and Ben Affleck’s Batman. 

The marketing team is wasting no time and continues to provide us with material. This includes several trailers and official posters. Now they have just given us more material to help us decipher what we will see in the movie.  

The Flash New Images, One Month Away From The Premiere We Have Previews

The Flash new images continue to give us clues about what we will see in the next big DC Films event. We are only a month away from seeing this product that has been developing for over two years. The producers seem confident about the final result, as they are not skimping on media to promote the film. 

The latest we have of The Flash are some official images that have reawakened our enthusiasm; let’s analyze them. 

Michael Keaton Flying the Batwing 

The Flash New Images Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

In the first image, we can see Michael Keaton driving the Batwing with both versions of Barry. Apparently, we can presume that these are moments before entering the military facility and saving Supergirl, the version of Kara Zor-El played by Sasha Calle.

Here we can clearly notice how Michael Keaton has facial rejuvenation. Perhaps the producers have seen the criticisms on social networks where they pointed out that he looked like Alfred in a Batman suit. The truth is that the years go by for everyone, and Michael Keaton is 71. 

The Flash Image With Iris West

Imagen Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

These images revealed the return of Kiersey Clemons as Iris West. We do not know which version it is if this superhero generates the original universe of the scarlet speedster to create the temporal paradox to return in time to save his mother.

The Flash’s new images confirmed that Kiersey Clemons will return to the film. The actress will be most familiar to fans of the Snyderverse, as this is where she appeared. In Joss Whedon’s cut, her scenes were deleted. However, we could see her scene thanks to Zack Snyder’s cut; we leave it below.

Barry Allen, with Some of his Teammates 

The Flash New Images Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

In this image, we see Barry Allen with two companions. In the comics, the character works at the Central City Police Department as a forensic chemist. These may be co-workers. It is clear that they are seeing something that is making an impression on them.

The Flash Last Image, Barry Allen With His Mother 

The Flash New Images Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

 The last of The Flash images shows an interaction between the original Barry Allen and his mother. From the context, we understand that this is the version of the world generated by their time travel. Both characters are in what looks like a mother-and-son moment. No doubt this part of the movie will be very emotional. 

What we know About The Flash so Far

The Flash movie will be released in theatres worldwide on June 16, 2023. This production will show the first appearance of Flashpoint and the multiverse in the DC world. In The Flash’s new images, we will see two versions of the speedster and the return of his love interest, Iris West. We will also have two versions (at least) of Batman, one of Michael Keaton and another of Ben Affleck. Everything points to the fact that one of them will say goodbye to the character in this film. 

Andy Muschietti directed the film, and James Gunn declared it an incredible movie. As for its cast, it is integrated by Ezra Miller as The Flash. Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton will play their versions of Batman. As new additions, we have Sasha Calle as Supergirl, and thanks to The Flash’s new images, we know that Kiersey Clemons will be back as Iris West. We will also have the return of Michael Shannon as the villain, reprising his role from Man of Steel.

Thanks to the trailers, the promotional posters and The Flash’s new images, we already have a pretty accurate picture of what we will see in the movie. 

The continuity of the character played by Ezra Miller is still a mystery. James Gunn prepares a new universe and wants to erase all traces of Zack Snyder’s legacy. However, both Sasha Calle and Ezra Miller fit the profile that the filmmaker is looking for. For this reason, it would not be strange that they continue in this new DC cinematic universe.

Featured Image Via Warner Bros. Pictures. 


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