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The Fabelmans To Premiere At Cairo Film Festival

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BY October 18, 2022

Steven Spielberg is ready to premiere his semi-autobiographical film The Fabelmans at the Cairo Film Festival. Biopics are becoming a theme among filmmakers such as Alfonso Cuaron, Kenneth Branagh, Paolo Sorrentino, and Pedro Almodovar. The Fabelmans is the first film about the director’s life. In this case, Spielberg talks about his childhood and youth, and he directed it and wrote the script with Tony Kushner.

The Fablemans Image via Universal Pictures

Expectations have been high since The Fabelmans premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. It was a great success, so much so that he received the main prize.

The Fabelman to be Presented at the Cairo Film Festival

The Fabelmans will premiere in the 44th edition of the Cairo Film Festival, which runs from November 13 to 22. Steven Spielberg’s autobiographical film will premiere at the Arab world’s cinematic showcase. The famed Oscar-winning filmmaker presents his formative years as a young man when he discovered his passion for movies. We see him finding in movies a means to help him see life differently, managing to observe the truth about himself and others.

The movie was already presented at the Toronto Film Festival, receiving a standing ovation after its premiere. The director received well-deserved recognition for this film. When almost all film festivals and film industry events have practically returned to normal after long waits and interruptions due to the pandemic, the Cairo Film Festival is following in the same footsteps. As a result, the Egyptian capital will host new films.

The Fabelmans Steven Spielberg Image via Universal Pictures

Hussein Fahmy, president of this festival, spoke about the opening in an atmosphere of war in Ukraine. Fahmy stated this is a “year of ambitions and challenges,” raising several questions about the global uncertainty experienced today. Despite that, for Fahmy, the cinema will continue to be “a bridge between cultures.” Therefore, he invited to the union, adding, “War and politics divide, however art heals the wounds created by the conflict and eventually becomes a language with a known alphabet and of all.”

Thus, the festival will feature a diversity of films and an extensive program of master classes, workshops, conversations, and panel discussions with award-winning filmmakers with considerable industry expertise from around the world.

More Details on this Biopic

Steven Spielberg‘s The Fabelmans is a self-portrait. Spielberg shows all the love and support from his family. The film is full of understanding and compassion towards his parents, who supported him even though they were divorced. But it also presents a family separated after the divorce, which had remained together when Spielberg was still a teenager.

At the beginning of the film, Spielberg shows little Sammy Fabelman, who Matthew Zoryan FrancisDeFord plays. The boy is about to go into the theater to see his first movie. Outside the theater, the boy is afraid to enter while his parents try to calm his fears. Perhaps this opening is not what you would expect an autobiographical story about the birth of the filmmaker to be. But it conveys, between childhood and youth, his development of home movies, which allowed him to acquire skills and generate his techniques.

Steven Spielberg's The Fabelmans Image via Universal Pictures

Spielberg’s sisters were the first to lend themselves as part of the cast in these home movies. They showed a story of the adventures of a mummy simulated in toilet paper and horror stories in a dentist’s office. All this allowed Spielberg to start filming Western and war movies with his Boy Scout companions as protagonists.

The truth is that the film promises to be a success. According to an interview in Toronto, the director said, “This film is, for me, a way to bring back my mom and dad,” while also getting closer to his sisters, “Annie, Susie, and Nancy.” So, recording these experiences in a film is perhaps one of the ways for the filmmaker to preserve his loved ones while letting them go.



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