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The Best Streaming Services You Should Try This Year

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BY April 28, 2022

If you are looking for the ideal way to while away the hours over the weekends, streaming services are becoming the perfect place to start. There are so many amazing streaming services popping up around the world and they all offer some amazing films and tv for you to binge at your leisure. 


Today we want to run through some of the most popular streaming services out there at the moment and the kind of content that you could find on them too. 




The first streaming service we have to talk about has to be the titan of all streaming services as well as the service that crucified Blockbuster and took their place in our hearts and homes. Netflix is the biggest streaming service in the world and as well as having some amazing shows and films available they also make a lot of movies themselves. Whether you want to enjoy cartoons like Rick and Morty or Final Space; watch film classics like Clueless and Spiderman, or try some scary horrors and thrillers from around the world Netflix has something for everyone. 


Disney Plus 


The next service we want to discuss is one that offers some of the most classic movies of our childhoods as well as a lot of brilliant dramas and adult-centered flicks through Star. Disney Plus will give you the entire Disney catalog, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, and National Geographic. So whether you’re in the mood for Avengers, Rogue One, or The Simpsons – Disney Plus can offer it all. As well as this, you’ll be able to see their original Marvel series such as Wandavision which was a hit across the world at the start of the year. 


Amazon Prime 


Whether you want to watch tv on the television, on your tablet, or your phone – you can Download Android apps and get Amazon Prime on any device. Amazon Prime has a lot of great movies and TV shows such as The Office US, Parks and Rec, Jack Ryan, Vikings, and lots more. The good thing about getting Amazon Prime is that you can also get Amazon Prime delivery for purchases alongside your subscription. 


Apple TV


Apple is a titan of industry, and their streaming service is one that offers some brilliants shows and movies for you to enjoy. Apple TV has a lot of exclusive features and one of the most impressive in recent years has to be The Servant. This creepy and confusing show will have you hanging off the edge of your seat, and as well as this show there are so many more to enjoy. 




HBO Max is a relatively new player in the field and they came to the industry with a bang. As well as Game of Thrones and other HBO shows, the service offers the Zach Snyder cut of Justice League as well as the Friends Reunion which everyone has been waiting to see. 


Try out some of these streaming services this year and see which one is best for you.


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