Tetris Movie New Trailer Just Released!
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Tetris Movie New Trailer Just Released!

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BY February 20, 2023

It is one of the simplest games at first sight but one of the most addictive on the planet. Surely you enjoyed it on different consoles, cell phones or computers. What you surely don’t know is the hard story surrounding this title’s origin. The trailer for the Tetris movie is now available.

Apple developed a movie that tells the story of the game. From the attempts of its creator to sell it in the United States. Until he took it to Russia and had to face the then-emerging Soviet bloc. Recently, the Tetris movie trailer was released, showing us part of what we will see in this production.

Tetris Movie Trailer is Now Available

The Tetris movie trailer is now available and shows the game’s history, how it was conceived and even the original models. In this one we see how its creator, who Taron Egerton plays, visits companies in different parts of the world. He started in the United States but has little success, which leads him to Russia.

Although the Soviet Union had not fallen then, the conflict between the two countries was at its peak. In one of the scenes of the Tetris movie, we see how one of the owners tells him that he may look like a traitor in his own country.

However, it shows how everything got complicated at the beginning of the Soviet Union and how everything collapsed. We can see several scenes with the military and Russian secret agents chasing them. In the Tetris movie trailer, we see how they are beaten and interrogated by these security entities.

Another aspect you will see in that movie is how the game evolved. From a single screen with a few lines to the multi-shaped and multi-combinations game we know today.

What do we Know About the Famous Video Game Movie?

Tetris movie Image: Apple TV+

As for the Tetris movie, we know that Apple is developing it and will be on its Streaming channel. As for the plot, we have the programmer Alexey Pajitno, who seeks in every possible way to carry out his idea of a game that will change the world.

He is looking for companies that can produce and finance his idea, although he will only be able to do something in the United States. 

However, in Russia, he finds a way, but he should have counted on the events that led to the fall of the Russian block. This collapses his plans, and now he not only has to find someone who believes in the game, but he has to avoid being killed.

As for the cast of the Tetris movie we have Taron Egerton, Toby Jones, Ben Miles, Roger Allam, Roger Allam, Togo Igawa, Moyo Akandé and Anthony Boyle.

This movie will be released on March 31 this year and will have a duration of 1H and 58 minutes. You will be able to watch it on Apple’s streaming platform. Also, on your nearest Apple TV+, you can enjoy this production.

Featured Image Via Apple TV+ 



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