Black Panther II Doctor Doom to go to War with Wakanda?
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T’Challa and Shuri Might Face Doctor Doom in Black Panther II

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BY April 12, 2021

Now that Disney has the rights back to Fantastic Four and X-Men, it’s only a matter of time before we see these characters join the MCU. But we might be seeing one of them even sooner than we expected. According to one of Charles Murphy’s “credible source,” over at Murphey’s Multiverse, Doctor Doom will be coming for the Vibranium in Black Panther II.

Doctor Doom Went to War With Black Panther Many Times Before

Doom War, Doctor Doom, Black Panther II, Black Panther, Fantastic Four (Image: Marvel Comics)

Throughout their comic legacies, Doctor Doom and Black Panther have fought numerous times. But in Doomwar, a 2010 event by Jonathan Maberry (w) and Scot Eaton (a), they nearly killed each other. Doomwar would be a great movie; however, just as Captain America: Civil War had to scale down the scope of Civil War from the comics, so would Doomwar. The event featured several X-Men, including Nightcrawler, Colossus, Storm, and Wolverine, Deadpool, and the Fantastic Four. None of these characters have joined the MCU yet, so if Doctor Doom does go to war in Black Panther II, we definitely won’t see the full cast from the comic. But there is an excellent opportunity for one group.

Black Panther II Could Reverse Fantastic Four #52

Black Panther, Fantastic Four, Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, Fantastic Four #52 (Image: Marvel Comics)

In July 1966’s Fantastic Four #52, we met T’challa, the Black Panther, for the first time. He kidnapped and outsmarted Reed Richards and his family, and then became great friends by the end of the issue—the 60’s, amirite? If Doctor Doom is the villain for Black Panther II, it’s the perfect place to introduce the Fantastic Four. It would be a great nod to the comics. The FF introduced Black Panther nearly 60 years before Black Panther II comes out—now Black Panther can introduce them.

Take all of this with a giant pitcher of salt, though. While it would make a great film, and Murphy’s had some credible scoops, it’s very early in the process. We’ll have to wait until 2022 to find out.

However, maybe we can get this scene:

Bast, Black Panther, Doctor Doom, Doomwar (image: Doomwar, Marvel Comics)

(Featured Image: Black Panther, Marvel Comics)

Source: Murphey’s Multiverse


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