Superman And Wonder Woman Cameo Deleted From The Flash
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Warner Deletes Superman And Wonder Woman Cameo From The Flash

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BY December 18, 2022

The turmoil continues at DC with the cancellation of the Wonder Woman and Superman cameos from The Flash. Uncertainty has not ceased, and James Gunn and Peter Safran are serious about a complete reboot of the franchise.

DC Films Logo Image via Warner Bros.

After Henry Cavill announced that he would no longer be playing Superman (thanks, James Gunn), we all wondered what would come next. Wonder Woman and Superman’s appearances were finally removed from the upcoming movie, The Flash. This film is scheduled for July 16, 2023, next to Shazam! Fury of the Gods and Aquaman 2.

Wonder Woman and Superman Cameos Deleted

Wonder Woman and Superman will officially no longer have cameos on The Flash. The new DC Universe board, James Gunn and Peter Safran are continuing with their reboot goal. So, this has been another horrible week for fans finding out that neither the Man of Steel nor Wonder Woman are returning.

This all goes down very badly because Henry Cavill announced that he would be returning as Superman just weeks ago. But, James Gunn decided at the last moment to rewrite the story of this superhero, so Cavill is no longer in the project.

Henry Cavill's Man of Steel Image: Warner Bros.

The news of the cameos is still surprising since no one thought they would remove Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot’s appearances for The Flash. But The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that we would no longer see them sharing the screen with Ezra Miller. Despite this, we must wait for an official confirmation or denial from Warner and DC. As we have seen in previous weeks, articles published in serious media, such as Variety, have been denied by Gunn himself.

For some, this information should not be taken seriously, especially considering insider KC Walsh’s statements, who says that Gal Gadot’s cameo will be part of Andy Muschietti’s film. We will continue to wait if The Hollywood Reporter is right, and we can say goodbye to the heroes from the Snyderverse. Whatever happens with this and other characters in future projects remains to be seen.

Perhaps the most shocking to many fans is how badly Warner is making Dwayne Johnson look. All the superstar’s announcements about Superman’s reappearance in films and the Black Adam‘s post-credits scene are now thrown away. Also, the campaign and money investment are significant, so Cavill’s departure from DC has a financial impact.

What’s Going on with DC Studios?

With the Warner Bros. Discovery merger, the moves have been brutal. DC Studios is truly in days of great uncertainty and controversy, which will forever mark its history. The series of events triggered after the merger is understandable to some extent. They are a natural part of the restructuring that must be done in this new franchise. However, other decisions seem part of this back-and-forth that leaves everyone lost.

All this is confirmed by the decisions taken by this new board to reboot the entire DC universe. Hence, the situation for the usual stars of the franchise hangs in the balance because those who were thought to stay will no longer be there. Henry Cavill will no longer be Superman, Ben Affleck won’t have his Batman film, and Gal Gadot’s journey as Wonder Woman is over. So the other actors, like Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller, probably won’t continue to play their usual superhero roles.

Batgirl cancelled Image: Warner Bros.

Things were already looking bad when Batgirl, who topped the list of all the projects with the same fate, was canceled. The following decisions of pushing back the premiere dates for Shazam, The Flash, and Aquaman 2 also generated controversy among fans and even the actors of the different films. Now, Superman and Wonder Woman cameos get deleted like they never existed.

This new goal to completely reboot the DC universe may leave any project that was thought to be safe without effect. For some, the release of these new films like Shazam! Fury of the Gods, Aquaman 2, and The Flash are not sure. Let’s just hope that whatever decisions the new DC board makes are for the best and they can give the DC Extended Universe the honor it deserves and has lacked for a long time.



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