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Super Mario Movie Controversy Understood by Chris Pratt

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BY March 30, 2023

The Super Mario Movie controversy came to us with Chris Pratt’s casting. The reasons were plentiful. Easily, the relevant reason is the actor’s lack of Italy. Is he going to fake the accent? Will it bust? Why didn’t they hire Mario’s actual voice actor?

We already covered the controversy behind his Mario voice. But, the internet being the internet, that wasn’t enough. Khary Payton defended his voice, yet it wasn’t enough. Then, the media started to point out other controversies.

Luckily, Chris Pratt isn’t taking the hate personally. In a recent interview, he stated that he understands it. Is he right, though?

Chris Pratt understands the Super Mario Movie controversy

super mario movie controversy representation I believe this image exemplifies the “modern audience” perfectly. (Image credit: Illumination)

Of course, the interview wasn’t solely about the controversy. Yet, the actor’s opinion on the subject was easily the highlight.

During the interview, they asked the actor about the movie’s criticism. Additionally, they pointed out that most were directed at Pratt. He said he understood the passion behind the franchise’s fan base.

According to him, he’s even grateful for it. After all, he said he was part of that fan base as well.

What’s the real reason behind Chris Pratt and Mario’s controversy?

super mario movie kart And, this image exemplifies the media’s reaction perfectly. (Image credit: Illumination)

Naturally, the internet came up with several reasons for it. However, the Super Mario Movie controversy started with a trailer. Fans exploded after hearing Pratt’s voice—and accent. After all, fidelity to the original material was a huge deal.

Then, several media outlets started to point out other issues. That included past stuff, like Pratt’s conservative lifestyle and religion. Overall, it was the usual “anti-Chris Pratt” internet movement.

But, the real reason appears to be quite simple. After all, we have the following subject…

The controversy behind the Super Mario Movie appears to be dying down

After the latest trailer, the controversy behind the Super Mario Movie is dying down. Or, at least, it looks that way. So, we can safely assume that fidelity was the real reason behind the scandal.

In the latest trailer, we’ve heard more of Mario’s famous lines. And, it seems like Chris Pratt is doing a decent job. It certainly feels like the hate is dying down. So, we just have to wait until the movie’s release. Then, we’ll see if the fears were justified.

Featured Image Credit: Gage Skidmore | Flickr



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