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Star Wars Rey Kenobi Theory Confirmed By Daisy Ridley

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BY April 16, 2022

It seems that the new Star Wars sequel cast is free to talk about their experiences without any restrictions. First up was John Boyega who recalled his disappointment with how Disney treated his character, Finn, in the sequel trilogy. Boyega was very vocal about calling out a perceived lack of respect for minority characters. Joining him now in revealing more tidbits from the Star Wars sequel is co-star, Daisy Ridley. Recently, Ridley discussed her character Rey’s journey, and the major reveal at the end. During her first talk show appearance since Rise Of The Skywalker, Ridley seemingly confirmed the long-debated Star Wars Rey Kenobi theory.

Star Wars Rey Kenobi Theory Another Example Of New Trilogy’s Lack Of Vision

Star Wars Rey Kenobi Theory confirmed Obi Wan. Image via Disney+

Ok, I promise this is the last time I’m going to harp on about this. But let’s be fair, love them or hate ‘em, the new Star Wars sequel trilogy suffered from a lack of vision. The new movies seemingly had no planning and no overarching storyline, from beginning to end. Instead, each director did their own thing, with apparently little input from those responsible for the franchise. Otherwise, each follow-up film wouldn’t have spent so much time undoing each other’s storylines and plot threads. 

The biggest example was how The Force Awakens built up Finn as a parallel lead, only for The Last Jedi and then The Rise Of Skywalker to abandon his arc entirely. And that’s just one of the many gripes about how the sequel trilogy ended up. Now with the cast sharing their experiences, it definitely seems to confirm that the direction of the new sequel trilogy was very much all over the place. Including one of its biggest reveals, Rey’s origins.

Star Wars Rey Kenobi Theory Confirmed By Daisy Ridley

During a segment of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, guest host Josh Gad brought on Daisy Ridley in her first talk show appearance since the last contentious Star Wars movie. During the interview, Ridley mentioned how initially, Rey was to be a relative of Obi-Wan Kenobi. This seemingly confirms the Star Wars Rey Kenobi theory that many had after her first appearance in The Force Awakens. 

However, Ridley also mentioned how during Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi, Rey was then changed to being a nobody. She then mentions how, in what I’m sure felt like actor-whiplash, original director J.J. Abrams explained to her that Rey was actually Palpatine’s granddaughter. Or not. Ridley added how two weeks later Abrams was unsure if that was going to be the story. Until it eventually ended up being so in the final product. Whew! The director and other storytellers seemingly didn’t commit to Rey Palpatine until very late in the production process.

The New Star Wars Trilogy Was Disappointing But Not For The Obvious Reasons

Star Wars Rey Kenobi Theory confirmed skywalker. Image via Disney+

As someone who was very disappointed by the conclusion of the new Star Wars sequel trilogy, hearing this account is kind of upsetting. But not altogether surprising. And it’s not because of how cool it would have been for Rey to be a Kenobi, and not even because I think her Palpatine ancestry didn’t fulfill many thematic story beats the trilogy set up. The reason why Ridley’s confirming of the Star Wars Rey Kenobi theory is upsetting is simply because it also confirms suspicions that there was no unified plan for the new trilogy. No idea of where the story was going, or how they will get there. 

And while the original trilogy also had a similar approach, George Lucas didn’t go about undoing, abandoning, or retconning his own plot threads. Unintentional incest notwithstanding. Not to mention that I can’t even imagine how confusing it must have been as an actor for Ridley to play the character, without knowing the ultimate culmination of her journey. Considering how a character’s backstory usually informs the choices an actor makes in playing them, it must’ve been difficult for Ridley to be in the dark in this manner.

Gad Finally Gets Ridley To Confirm Star Wars Secrets

Any gripes I have with the confirmation of the Star Wars’ Rey Kenobi theory goes to rest because of the charming conversation between Ridley and Gad. Gad and Ridley co-starred in Murder On the Orient Express, in between Ridley shooting the Star Wars movies. During those days, Gad had a running joke where he would put up videos on his Instagram, trying to trick Ridley into revealing spoilers about Rey’s origins. (The second video even included director J.J. Abrams asking who her parents are, so perhaps not as much of a joke as we thought.) Ridley never slipped up, even though Gad even brought many other celebrities in on the joke. And while it’s pretty hilarious to see his attempts come to fruition years later in this interview, it’s surprising to find out that Ridley herself had no idea who Rey was at that time.

So what did you think about Ridley confirming the  Rey Kenobi theory? Let us know in the comments below. And feel free to debate the merits of the Star Wars film (but politely, damn it!) as well. 

Image via Disney+

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