A Battlestar Galactica Movie Reboot Is Finally Happening!
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Spool Up Your FTL Drives Because A Battlestar Galactica Movie Is Finally Happening!

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BY May 20, 2022

Battlestar Galactica is a highly revered science-fiction franchise, along with the likes of Star Wars and Star Trek. But while those two are bigger mainstream franchises, Battlestar Galactica is more part of the indie scene of sci-fi fandom. It’s a deep-cut franchise for geeks, and one of the best series in that genre. So it’s no wonder that in this climate of reboots, revivals, and remakes, the show is highly sought after. A new THR exclusive now confirms that the producer of the X-Men franchise, Simon Kinberg, is working on a Battlestar Galactica movie reboot. And you can bet your refined Tylium that this news totally revs up my FTL drive!

How Battlestar Galactica Grounded Sci-Fi With Politics And Mythology

Battlestar Galactica movie reboot cast. Image via SyFy.

The franchise began in 1978 looking to emulate the success of the Star Wars franchise. The first season struggled to find audiences, despite a unique premise. It was different enough from Star Wars, but original enough to be exciting. But the costs and low ratings caused the show to end. The second season, with a pretty overhauled premise, also failed to capture audience interest. But a young go-getter who cut his teeth writing on shows like Star Trek: The Next Generation, had a new idea. Ronald D. Moore rebooted Battlestar Galactica as a mini-series, that then ran for 4 seasons. To this day that series is one of the best sci-fi series of all time. 

The new iteration went deeper than the usual robots vs. Humans story to include political drama and a spiritual element rarely seen in sci-fi. Battlestar Galactica was about a human civilization existing in a far part of the galaxy. After a lengthy war with a cybernetic race of beings called Cylons, the ultimate disaster struck. They lose the war, and upon the destruction of their home planets, a mass exodus begins. A sole spacecraft carrier called Battlestar Galactica led the remaining ships, carrying the last of the human species. At least, in this part of the galaxy. Their mission: to find the last remaining human colony, the fabled Earth. The story seamlessly weaved in themes of love, honor, duty, identity and spirituality.

The Battlestar Galactica Movie Reboot Will Somehow Bring Back The Franchise

Battlestar Galactica movie reboot Olmos. Image via SyFy.

As per the THR exclusive, the Battlestar Galactica movie reboot from Simon Kinberg will be telling the story ‘from the ground up’. This sounds like the movie will be a reimagining of the original Galactica story from the 70s. And probably not Moore’s reimagined version from 2004. While this is great, it does beg the question, why not do a sequel to the most successful version of the franchise? The Battlestar Galactica series is very much alive and well with many of the original cast members of Moore’s iteration going on to bigger careers. 

Edward James Olmos as the commander of the titular ship was always a big name in Hollywood. Other stars such as Katee Sackhoff have gone on to have massively successful careers in genre franchises like The Flash, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and will be in The Mandalorian season 2 next. So given all this, it feels like a sequel or revival would make much more sense given the established fandom surrounding the 2004 iteration. Although, Kinberg is also an expert at adapting source material, given what he’s done with the X-Men franchise. How much of those adaptations were critically successful and honor the source material, is debatable.

A TV Show Also In The Works Along With The Battlestar Galactica Movie Reboot

Battlestar Galactica movie reboot couple. Image via SyFy.

Kinberg’s adaptation of Battlestar Galactica isn’t the only project of the franchise in the works. A TV reboot is also happening with Sam Esmail of Mr. Robot fame for the Peacock streaming service. While that project is apparently not strictly a remake or a reboot, it will explore stories from within Moore’s Battlestar Galactica world. It’s still not clear if that means that the characters from that iteration will be re-cast or if it will feature different stories with other characters set in that universe. Unlike other sci-fi franchises that have had various movies and TV shows in production at the same time, like Star Trek’s latest resurgence, that’s a little difficult to do with Galactica. 

The show’s premise is about a fleet of human survivors fleeing the Cylons to find a haven on a mythical planet called Earth. So, the world itself is limited to that fleet, and the characters onboard those ships. So how Esmail will tell these other stories in that world without overlapping with different versions of the characters we know and love, is still up in the air. But all these questions are really just a way for me to try to temper my excitement. Both versions, the TV reboot, and the Battlestar Galactica movie reboot are in the hands of acclaimed creators who know how to adapt and tell thought-provoking stories. And having two versions of a franchise that is so incredibly good, can never be a bad thing. So say we all!

Let me know what you think about both these upcoming Battlestar Galactica projects. 

Featured image via SyFy. 

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