Justice League Zack Snyder Reshoots Will Bring Back Principal Cast
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So Now There’s Going To Be More Justice League Reshoots, But By Zack Snyder This Time (UPDATED)

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BY September 25, 2020

No, it’s not early 2017 when Warner Bros.’ Justice League underwent vigorous reshoots due to the director leaving and a new director coming in. It’s 2020 and the original director, Zack Snyder will release his initial Justice League on HBO Max in less than a year. But a new report claims that Snyder himself plans to do some reshoots for the HBO Max release. But the kicker is that the Justice League Zack Snyder reshoots will bring back most of the lead cast. Which is surprising in and of itself for a variety of reasons. 

Original Reshoots Erased Cyborg’s Story

Justice League Zack Snyder reshoots cast. Image via Warner Bros.

When Zack Snyder left Justice League due to a personal tragedy, Joss Whedon came in to rewrite and reshoot most of the movie. This changed the tone and story of the movie drastically. The storyline for Cyborg, played by Ray Fisher, changed the most. Supposedly the heart of the movie in Snyder’s version, Cyborg became a (barely) supporting role. Recently, Fisher launched a series of complaints against Whedon and producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg, alleging inappropriate behavior during those original reshoots. Complaints that go far beyond a typical actor’s lament when their screentime ends up reduced.

Things are now escalating to the point that there is an official investigation by either WarnerMedia or Warner Bros., a point of contention by Fisher himself. There are seemingly new developments each week, as allegations go back and forth. Fisher releases various Tweets or Instagram live videos revealing his dealings with the company and his complaints. Then the company released a statement alleging Fisher isn’t cooperating with the investigation, which Fisher then denies. Recently, even his Justice League co-star Jason Momoa joined in to support and somewhat corroborate Fisher’s claims. THR now reports that the Justice League Zack Snyder reshoots will bring back the main cast that includes Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck, and most surprisingly, Ray Fisher himself. Despite his ire at Warner Bros., Whedon, and the DC-side producers, Fisher offers nothing but praise for Snyder. 

Justice League Zack Snyder Reshoots Are Surprising For Many Reasons

Justice League Zack Snyder reshoots trio Image via Warner Bros.

During the initial announcement of the Snyder Cut releasing on HBO Max, Snyder’s request to do reshoots with the cast was apparently denied. What is surprising is that now there will be Justice League Zack Snyder reshoots with the original cast returning. And even more so that amidst all the controversy with Fisher’s claims, that he will also be returning. 

Before the underperformance of Justice League, Cyborg was set to have his own movie. However, after the release, the Cyborg movie was no longer on the slate. Fisher is still under options to appear in other WB productions and accordingly was set to be in The Flash movie. However, negotiations broke down due to the significance of the character in the movie changing, again. With Fisher coming back for the Justice League Zack Snyder reshoots, it’s a difficult situation to unpack. 

Clearly, the entire cast, Fisher included, has incredible loyalty to Snyder. So if he needs them to return, they are clearly obliging. But it’s interesting to wonder how these reshoots is even going to go down. Fisher is again working with WB, while also battling them about behavior during the previous reshoots of the same movie. It could make for some discomfort on the sets. But we’ll have to wait as more details emerge regarding the nature of Snyder’s reshoots. As of this writing, there is no official response or statement by Fisher or any other cast member thus far.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League releases on HBO Max in 2021. 

Update: Henry Cavill May Not Be Returning

In an interview with Collider.com, Henry Cavill said this about returning for Justice League:

“Not shooting anything additional. No. It’s all stuff that has been already done. Obviously I don’t know how things are going to evolve and change and adapt depending on now a different length of movie and whatever may happen in post-production. Whatever lessons may be learned from what is it four years since Justice League came out? Four years’ worth of fan reaction. For me…I’m now just watching the party.”

It does seem unlikely that he could fly to Los Angeles to shoot with Snyder while currently filming the second season of The Witcher. However, it’s entirely possible that Cavill will don the “S” shield again once filming wraps for the series. It’s also possible that the deal for new scenes wasn’t completed when Cavill said this. Yet, it is just one more instance of there being reports from industry insiders that Cavill will play Kal-El again, only for the actor himself to deny it. (And, let’s not forget, that actors are often forced to lie about these upcoming things because of non-disclosure agreements and so on.) Time will tell.

What do you think about even more reshoots of Zack Snyder’s Justice League? Let us know in the comments below. 

Featured Image via Warner Bros. 

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