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The Second Eternals Post-Credit Scene Explained – Whose Voice Was That?

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BY April 29, 2022

You can often tell between a casual viewer versus a dedicated Marvel fan at the end of any MCU film. Sure, Eternals was long, and not everybody had time to stay to watch the credits. But the payoff was well worth it for those who stuck around for both post-credit scenes. We’re here to explain the second post-credit scene of Eternals because it’s a big one. So, what does it mean for the future of the franchise? And, more importantly, whose voice was that?

This should go without saying, but you’re about to get into some serious Eternals spoilers.

The Second Post-Credit Scene Of Eternals Brings Kit Harington To The Center

Game of Thrones fans were in for a treat when heading to the theater this weekend. Eternals, the Chloé Zhao-directed addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, featured two of the most swooned-over characters of the HBO series: Richard Madden and Kit Harington. While Madden’s character had some serious screentime, Harington was swept to the sidelines for the bulk of the 157-minute film.

Harington plays Dane Whitman, the human partner to Gemma Chan’s Sersi. One of his first scenes involves Sersi gifting him with a ring featuring his family’s crest. Is this just a nice present, or is it a hint at what is to come? Shortly after this sweet scene, the duo shares scenes that make it apparent how sheltered Dane has been from Sersi’s true identity. They’re quickly separated following the appearance of the Deviants, and Dane is left alone.

Dane shows up again near the end of the film to profess his love for Sersi. He begins to tell her a recently uncovered truth about his family’s past before his lover is swept away by Arishem, the Celestial judge. We’re left wondering what the secret was and wishing that the actor had more screen time.

The Eternals final trailer marvel studios desert Gemma Chan Image via Marvel Studios

What You Want To Know Is Waiting For You After The Credits

Harry Styles pops up in the first post-credit scene, identifying himself as Eros. While he is Thanos’ brother, Eros seems nothing like the mad Titan. The appearance is short, sweet, and incredibly bizarre if you’ve been streaming Watermelon Sugar all year. But it’s the second post-credit scene that really gets us thinking about the future of some of the characters we’re growing to love (and some that we haven’t met yet.)

Kit Harington’s Dane appears once again, and we’re instantly ready for some answers. He is seen opening up an ancient chest that holds a sort of sword. The chest has an inscription that translates to “Death is my reward,” and the weapon below looks more than a little intimidating.

Before Dane can yield the sword, a mysterious off-screen voice asks, “Sure you’re ready for that, Mr. Whitman?” It’s not immediately identifiable, and many are left scrambling to their phones to Google if they heard correctly. Is this a voice we’ve heard before, or are we being introduced to a whole new character? Well, the answer is complicated.

First, What Is This Magical Sword?

Black-Knight-With-Ebony-Blade Image via Marvel Entertainment

Before we get to the voice, we should go over what the sword means. Is it just some dangerous thing for Dane to yield? Nope. It’s the Ebony Blade. Forged by Melin, it was created from the Starstone meteorite and is one of the most powerful weapons on Earth. Enchantments on the sword allow it to cut through anything it touches, but it can also prevent the death of whoever wields it. It can also deflect magic, which is an essential aspect considering the growing number of magicians and sorcerers in the MCU.

The blade has found itself in the hands of Dane Whitman after spending years with the first Black Knight, Sir Percy of Scandia. This previous owner was notorious for bloodshed and rage, which his descendant, Dane, seems unlikely to reflect.

The appearance of the blade in Eternals identifies Dane as the next Black Knight. This hero is known for his fighting abilities, even though he lacks some of the powers of his eventual coworkers: The Avengers. While Eternals may have made Dane seem like he may become a gentleman in jeopardy, needing to be saved by his much cooler and more powerful girlfriend, the second post-credit scene gives him a stronger chance at leaving his own impact on the world.

Okay, Now, Whose Voice Was It?

As far as post-credit scenes go, the blade would have been exciting on its own. But our hype is only heightened by the asking of Dane’s readiness to fight. The brief commentary is hard to distinguish by those without a trained ear, so we’re thankful that the film’s director was able to confirm it for us. She confesses in an interview that it is none other than Mahershala Ali speaking.

Blade The Vampire Slayer Eternals post credit scene Image via Marvel Studios

The two-time Oscar winner has already been confirmed as an upcoming member of the MCU. He is set to star in a Blade movie and will appear as the titular vampire hunter. It has yet to earn a release date, but production on the film has been happening quickly. And Ali’s brief appearance in Eternals has to mean that more is coming soon, right?

Blade, also known as Eric Brooks, is a character from the comic books that first appeared in The Tomb of Dracula #10 in 1973. He is the offspring of a vampire and a human, using his immortal knowledge to take them down.

Could the pairing of Whitman and Brooks mean that they’ll go on a vampire killing spree together? Only a few people know, and it seems that Harington is not one of them. In fact, he filmed the scene by himself and wasn’t aware of the addition of Ali’s voice until a few weeks before the film’s premiere.

There are plenty of mysteries that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has yet to reveal. But if this franchise has taught us anything, it’s that patience is a virtue!

You can catch the second post-credit scene on the big screen because Eternals is in theaters now!

Readers, drop your predictions about what you think the future holds for Dane Whitman and Eric Brooks. We have plenty of time to theorize, so let’s get started!


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