Russo Brothers at SDCC 2019, Avengers Reunion Possible?

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BY September 4, 2019

Fans have a chance to see the Russo Brothers at SDCC 2019 even though their time with Marvel is at an end. The directorial siblings will host a panel that appears to be separate from whatever Marvel Studios plans to do at the event. This is a surprising announcement because the pair only just finished a second-round of press appearances in order to promote the hasty re-release of the film in order to try and top James Cameron’s Avatar in box office receipts. This is an interesting brand test for the Russo Brothers at SDCC 2019, because they are now operating independently from the Marvel Studios juggernaut.

A Hall H Panel of Their Own

SDCC 2019 will not be new territory for the Russo Brothers, who’ve appeared on panels at the illustrious convention since their first entry in the MCU in 2013 or their work for their SYFY series Deadly Class. The panel will take place in the coveted Hall H at the convention center, at 11:00 a.m. on Friday, July 19, 2019. The two will reflect on the massive success of Avengers: Endgame, and their own journeys while making their Marvel films. Though, they won’t just be looking into the past. They also plan to tease the upcoming projects from their own ABGO Studios. There are a lot of familiar creative faces at the new venture. Screenwriting duo Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely will serve as co-presidents for the studio. The Russo Brothers will talk about upcoming projects, such as the feature-length version of the short film Kiddo.

A Possible Avengers Reunion with the Russo Brothers at SDCC 2019?

While the next steps the Russo Brothers take on their creative journeys is interesting on its own, fans might have another reason to look forward to their panel. There are rumors, as reported by Deadline, who broke the story, that at least some of the Avengers’ cast will join the Russo Brothers for their panel. This hearkens back to a 2010 Marvel Studios panel in which the original Avengers lineup all appeared on the same stage. This also featured the announcement that Mark Ruffalo would replace Edward Norton as the Hulk, a stressful event for the actor. Still, this potential reunion is not confirmed and will likely depend on the actors’ schedules. Although, if they do show up, it will be a nice chance for one last look back with the team who made comic book movie history.

SDCC 2019 Is a Crowded Space

Just a few decades ago, San Diego Comic-Con was a sizable event but nothing like the pop culture juggernaut it is today. For people without a huge studio behind them, it can be difficult to break through a weekend full of big news and new trailers. Still, thanks to their success in the MCU, the Russo Bothers at SDCC 2019 will be a hotly watched panel. The pair are smart to capitalize on the lingering goodwill fans have for their part in the Infinity Saga. Especially as Marvel Studios looks forward in their own panel, the Russo Brothers can also look forward while still embracing the momentous accomplishment they just achieved.

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