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The Next Star Wars Movie Rogue Squadron Has Been Delayed

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BY November 9, 2021

Franchise fans have been treated like royalty lately. With a seemingly unlimited amount of new content to stream, it barely feels like the threat of a pandemic-caused movie gap was ever a risk. And while we’re happy with what we have been getting, some fans are in for a more painful wait than anticipated with their upcoming favorite. Rogue Squadron, the forthcoming Star Wars movie by Patty Jenkins, has been delayed.

Rogue Squadron Is Delayed, Bumming Out Millions Of Fans

Will it be tough to follow up Rise of Skywalker, the 2019 finale to the sequel franchise? Maybe. But following up the recent successes on Disney+, like The Mandalorian, will be an even bigger competition. Fortunately, the filmmakers have a little bit more time to plan the upcoming addition to the franchise, Rogue Squadron.

Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker May 4th Disney+ Adam Driver Kylo Ren Emperor Palpatine ROGUE SQUADRON DELAYED Image via Lucasfilm

The film, which is set to focus on starfighter pilots, is being directed by Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman) and will be penned by Matthew Robinson (Love and Monsters.) It marks a first for the franchise, as Jenkins is the first female director for a Star Wars feature film. She is making history, but she’s also making a sizable delay. The director’s schedule has become too hectic to stay on track, as the film was initially supposed to begin preproduction by the end of 2021, with the majority of the production happening in 2022.

Rather than change the production date, the film has simply been taken off of the production schedule. Despite the big change, Disney and Lucasfilm have yet to change their release date of December 22nd, 2023. We’re hopeful that the date sticks, but our hopes aren’t too high. Though, the lack of date change does make us wonder if the delay will be long at all.

Rogue Squadron might be delayed, but you should still be able to catch it in theaters in December of 2023!

Patty Jenkins has a lot going on, including the development of Wonder Woman 3 and a take on Cleopatra. So, it seems as if the franchise is saying that her directorial skills are worth waiting for. Let us know what your hopes for the upcoming film are and where you’d like the Star Wars to go next!


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