Robert Rodriguez Hypnotic Movie Will Be A Hyper Hitchcock-style Film
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Robert Rodriguez Describes New Ben Affleck Movie Hypnotic As A Hyper Hitchcock Film

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BY August 31, 2021

Robert Rodriguez is one of my favourite filmmakers. The man brought us Desperado and the staple of hyper-stylized action movies well before Zack Snyder. So you can understand my affinity for him. Rodriguez went from an indie film director to big studio projects like Sin City and Alita: Battle Angel. And now the storyteller is staying busy with a long-time passion project. The Robert Rodriguez Hypnotic movie stars Ben Affleck, and is a ‘Hitchcock Thriller on steroids’. Find out more about the Robert Rodriguez Hypnotic movie below. 

The Rise And Plateau of Robert Rodriguez 

Robert Rodriguez Hypnotic movie Desparado. Image via Columbia Pictures.

Robert Rodriguez was famous for being the indie film director who subjected himself to medical experiments to fund the production of his first movie. Its success resulted in two sequels, the first of which put Salma Hayek on the map in Desperado. Rodriguez also collaborated with fellow auteur Quentin Tarantino as part of the Grindhouse double bill, contributing his Planet Terror to Tarantino’s Death Proof. He was also involved with the completely innovative filmmaking style of shooting entirely on green screen by bringing Frank Miller’s Sin City to life. A technique that is very much the norm now in big blockbusters like the Avengers movies. For a time, Rodriguez went into a tangent from his own ruthless and brutal filmmaking style to a more family-friendly affair, with the Spy Kids franchise and his recent We Can Be Heroes.

Most recently, Rodriguez last big blockbuster was Alita: Battle Angel, which didn’t live up to commercial box office expectations, but critics loved it. And continuing to innovate technical filmmaking, Rodriguez is also part of the new brain trust at Lucasfilms who conceptualized The Mandalorian. The Mandalorian uses The Volume, a structure that allows for unlimited backdrops on a large soudnstage. It’s an  an evolution of green screen filmmaking, something Rodriguez is very familiar with. The filmmaker is also showrunning The Mandalorian spin-off, The Book Of Boba Fett. And now, along with it, we learn of the new Robert Rodriguez Hypnotic movie, exclusively from Collider. 

Robert Rodriguez Hypnotic Movie Is A New Thriller

Robert Rodriguez Hypnotic movie Alita. Image via 20th Century Studios.

In the exclusive interview, Rodriguez discusses his new Hypnotic movie, which goes into production soon. 

“It’s like a Hitchcock thriller on steroids. That’s all I can say. As soon as you see the first trailer, you’ll go ‘I got it. I’m there.’ It’s that kind of a movie. A lot of twists, a lot of turns. Very exciting. It’s a not everything you see is real-type movie and it’s got a great cast. It’ll be very energetic. It’s one of my favourite stories. I started writing it back in 2002. So it’s one of the ones I’ve had the longest that I’ve been wanting to do. I’m very excited that we finally might be making it.”

— Robert Rodriguez

It’s interesting and kind of bold for Rodriguez to claim that the trailer will sell everyone on his new movie. I mean, that’s exactly what a trailer is meant to do, but it should be interesting to see what this new movie is about. A Hitchcock-stye thriller sounds very interesting. Rodriguez is known for his zany action sequences, but also his over-the-top stylized drama. A thriller sounds like more of a quiet affair than that we are used to from him. 

Ben Affleck Teams With Robert Rodriguez For Hypnotic

Robert Rodriguez Hypnotic movie Spy Kids. Image via Troublemaker Studios.

The new Robert Rodriguez Hypnotic movie actually stars Ben Affleck and Alice Braga. The Ben Affleck comeback train continues with this project, and I am personally very excited. I’m curious to see what an actor of Afleck’s calibre does under Rodriguez’s direction.

Hypotonic begins production in six weeks; no word on its release yet. 

Are you game for an Affleck-Rodriguez team up in Hypnotic? Let us know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Dimension Films


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