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Robert Pattinson Is Officially The New Batman

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BY March 6, 2021

The pop culture world took a collective gasp when the Pattinson Batman was announced. In a lot of ways, the actor is an indie darling. His work in Twilight and the subsequent sequels paved way for his career after. Since then, his collective filmography is very art house, and at no time anywhere near the mainstream spotlight he enjoyed during the Twilight years. Now, he’s working on an upcoming movie with Wilhem Dafoe that’s in black and white, and of course, the role of Bruce Wayne in an upcoming film from Matt Reeves. 

What Robert Pattinson Says About the Plot of Next Batman Movie

In an interview with Variety on his Batman role, as well as his part opposite Dafoe in The Lighthouse, Pattinson spoke on his new role. He mentions a plot line that isn’t explored at all in the movies that come before it. Likewise, he says the ways in which Batman is played by other actors makes him feel free in his interpretation. In a lot of ways, Batman movies usually take on a certain tone. George Clooney’s Batman is a lot different from Christian Bale’s Batman. Likewise, each Batman director takes a different approach. Pattinson states in the interview he views this as a freedom, as well as quite terrifying.

Fighting Batman Related Anxiety

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We all know how passionate comic book fans can be about on screen portrayals. Ben Affleck received a lot of mixed messages about his performance. Pattinson points out in the interview that filming The Lighthouse helps to quell Batman related anxiety. It’s understandable that he’d be nervous. A lot of people know him from one thing: Twilight. Despite doing other great movies and being talented, that’s his most recognizable film series. A lot of people look at him and still think Edward and Bella. The good news is he’s used to the hordes of attention from those years. 

Can Robert Pattinson Succeed in this Role?

Pattinson might still be Edward in some people’s eyes. However, he’s proven himself in great roles over his career since. There’s no sign that he can’t step up and be great in the role. Just like everyone who has played The Joker, interpretations can lead to wonderful acting. Here’s to hoping Pattinson can etch his name in the character forever.

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