Ridley Scott Gladiator Sequel Could Star Barry Keoghan
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Barry Keoghan Could Be In Ridley Scott Gladiator Sequel

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BY March 17, 2023

Ridley Scott’s Gladiator sequel is in the works. The film, which was released in 2000 won an Oscar award. One of the possible new participants is Barry Keoghan, who could join Paul Mescal in the cast of this filming.

Barry Keoghan was among the nominees at the recent Oscar Awards. He was among the possible winners in the Best Supporting Actor category. Now he would participate in the Ridley Scott Gladiator sequel that will continue the plot of the 2000 movie. In that opportunity, we saw how general Maximus Tenth Meridius faced the emperor Commodus, although both lost their lives in this duel.

Barry Keoghan could be in Ridley Scott’s Gladiator Sequel

Eternals' Barry Keoghan hails Marvel movie's diversity, in his own accent -  CNET Image: Marvel Studios

Actor Barry Keoghan nominated Best Supporting Actor for his performance in The Banshees of Inisherin, could now be in the Ridley Scott Gladiator sequel. The actor could play an Emperor named Geta, although there is nothing definite yet, as they did not reach an agreement until now. 

Ridley Scott Gladiator sequel would be the continuation of the actions of the first part, released in 2000. In this film we saw how Russell Crowe’s General Maximus faced the dictator Commodus played by actor Joaquin Phoenix. The confrontation led to the death of both and the possible elimination of the figure of the emperor.

The character played by Keoghan in this opportunity would be the emperor who would succeed Commodus after the outcome we saw in the first part. The existing doubt is what kind of role the character that the actor will play if it will be secondary as in The Banshees of Inisherin, or it will be the villain.

Roman emperors usually always play the role of villain, preventing the hero, who in this case will be Lucius, to emerge. It would be an interesting change for the actor who always plays secondary characters and not of the main plot. Although he will not be the protagonist of the Ridley Scott Gladiator sequel, he will be the antagonist, which would be an excellent reference point for his career.  

Other Movie Details

Ridley Scott Gladiator Sequel Image: Universal Pictures

As mentioned, the Ridley Scott Gladiator sequel will continue the plot after Maximus defeats Commodus in the duel. In this one, we will see the actor Paul Mescal playing Lucius, who, according to the first part, would be the heir to the throne because of what his mother said in a conversation.

The protagonist and the antagonist of the first part died. It is unlikely that we will see them in this production. However, some flashbacks may appear in this Ridley Scott Gladiator sequel of some moments of the 2000 film. They may even place scenes that could have been deleted or events that would occur before the final confrontation between Maximus and Commodus.

We will likely see Lucius trying to retake control of the Roman Empire. He can also be doing the will of his grandfather Marcus Aurelius. In the previous saga, his goal was to return power to the senate, and the emperor no longer existed. Reason for the coup d’état of his son who took power and the main cause of the conflict between him and the general.

Barry Keoghan will be the emperor of Geta. He could be the villain in this Ridley Scott Gladiator sequel. The Romans didn’t give up power for good, and Lucius could seek his rightful place. A confrontation between them would be inevitable.

The directing team would be led by Ridley Scott, who would work with David Scarpa to write the script. The latter was responsible for writing the plot of All the Money in the World. 

Paramount Pictures will be the studio that will produce this Ridley Scott Gladiator sequel. However, Universal could also participate since both own the rights to the franchise. The film is expected to hit theaters on November 22, 2024. 

Featured Image Via Marvel Studios / Universal Pictures 



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