Richard Madden James Bond Next Actor? Look At This Video...
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Is Richard Madden The Next James Bond Actor? Look At This Video…

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BY May 1, 2023

As we all know, James Bond likes his martini shaken, not stirred. It is one of the many iconic lines that cannot be missing in any 007 saga. With this reference in mind, many fans have proclaimed Richard Madden the next James Bond. The well-known Game of Thrones actor has sounded quite a bit as a possible successor to Craig, and an “innocent” Instagram video could be the confirmation.

Among the criteria to be met by the candidate, according to Barbara Broccoli, the chosen one must be under 40 years of age and over 5’10 in height. According to these requirements, Richard Madden could be the chosen one; maybe he already gave a clue on social networks.

Richard Madden Posts Video on Social Media That Could Indicate He’s the New James Bond

Richard Madden James Bond Image: Stanley Tucci Instagram

Richard Madden, the star of Bodyguard (2018), recently posted a 29-second video of him sipping a martini, James Bond’s favorite drink. Fans who saw the post immediately commented on how great it would be if the actor were cast.

For many fans, it is already a done deal. However, the choice of the new actor for 007 is on hold for now. The production team commented recently that they are not looking for actors for this role. As Broccoli stated, they are focusing on choosing an artist to portray the villain in the upcoming film.

Then there is the fact that the video was part of a promotional tour that Madden is doing along with his Stanley Tucci. Both actors are the stars of the Amazon-produced Citadel series and were part of its marketing activities. Therefore they would have no apparent relationship.

However, fans don’t see it that way, and fans filled Richard Madden’s post with comments referring to James Bond. The first post from a user on the subject of the James Bond post was: “Wait…what! 007.”.

Another talked about the excitement over the possibility of Richard Madden being the next James Bond. On this, the fan commented: “I don’t what drinks look like, but if that’s Richard Madden drinking a Martini that’s been shaken, not stirred… imma hit the roof with excitement”.

Madden is currently not commenting on his involvement as Agent 007. However, his participation in Citadel could lead to his involvement as James Bond.

Possibilities for the Role of James Bond

5 possible James Bond Image: Sony Pictures/Marvel/BBC

There are other actors interested in the role who enjoy high popularity among fans. The first one would be Henry Cavill, who stated that some time ago, he was among the candidates to play him and was even one of the favorite options of the producers. Now he considers that he could do the job. After his departure from the role of Superman and his character in The Witcher, he is open to new roles.

In fact, the actor also made a publication that implied he would play the role, as he appeared driving an Aston Martin, the spy’s favorite car.

Other actors considered for the role are Taron Egerton and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. They meet the age and height criteria. However, producer Barbara Broccoli has not yet revealed who could be chosen. Judging by the comments on the post, Richard Madden has popular support to be the next James Bond. For now, they are looking for the antagonist, and they may use the profile of this character to choose a suitable James Bond to face him. 

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