Red Notice Sequels In Development With Original Cast Returning
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Netflix’s Red Notice Movie Sequels In Development With Original Cast Returning

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BY April 29, 2022

I’ve spoken about the elusive Netflix movie franchise a lot. Every big-budget Netflix original movie hopes for larger franchise dreams, but never really seems to make it. But it looks like Netflix’s Red Notice movie might finally be the one with many sequels to follow. We have confirmation that there will be multiple Red Notice sequels coming our way. The 2 sequels to the original Red Notice film released last year will begin production around 2023, depending on the cast’s schedule. And the original Red Notice cast is set to return along with director Rawson Marshall Thurber.

The Netflix Original Did Numbers But Was Lacking In Other Ways

Red Notice sequels Thurber. Image via Netflix.

Let’s not mince words; I was not a fan of Red Notice. As I discussed in my Red Notice movie review, the concept was brilliant on paper with all the right people but failed to live up to the expectations that came with all that. The story was dull, the performances stilted, and the overall dynamics didn’t hold up to the intended effect that Thurber might have wanted. While the Red Notice cast seemingly should have had great chemistry together, it was Ryan Reynolds’ joke-machine-like delivery of one-liners throughout the whole movie that was the saving grace. But that’s just all my opinion.

As proven by the fact that clearly, Netflix’s Red Notice did extremely well for the streamer. After the movie’s release, Deadline reported how the movie was Netflix’s second-most watched movie of all time. Now Netflix will produce Red Notice sequels, back-to-back. The 2nd and 3rd Red Notice movies will begin production sometime in 2023, according to Deadline. Those tentative plans are dependent on the cast’s schedule. Frankly if they can get all these actors in the same room for more than a week, that feels like a small miracle. 

The Red Notice Cast Is Extremely Busy

Red Notice sequels fight. Image via Netflix.

Keeping the honesty train going here, The Netflix original’s biggest appeal was its cast. The Red Notice cast was a coming together of some of the best and most charming actors in the industry for a fun heist movie. So, it makes sense that everyone will be returning for the sequels. But, even with an anticipated production start date of 2023, it’s going to take some doing to get the three of these cast members back together again. Dwayne Johnson is known as one of the busiest and hardest working personalities in Hollywood. And it’s clear to see why given the slate of projects the actor has coming out at any given time.

We all know Johnson is finally in production of the long-awaited DC’s Black Adam movie. On top of which there are all the projects announced that have yet to begin, such as San Andreas 2, Red One, The King, Doc Savage and Big Trouble In Little China. He also plans to make another Hobbs & Shaw film, will be back in Jungle Cruise 2, and may or may not be returning to the Jumanji verse. Similarly, Gadot has the long-awaited Death On The Nile releasing soon. She’s committed to others like Heart Of Stone, Disney’s Snow White remake, Cleopatra as well as Wonder Woman 3. There is also a recently announced Hitchcock remake, but details are sketchy on that project.

Strangely enough, Reynolds is the only one of Red Notice cast to have a light schedule with only one major franchise in his belt. He will be filming a new move for Netflix, and he is also rumored to be attached to the Clue reboot. He is the face of the sleeper 2021 hit Free Guy, which is definitely getting a sequel. He’s also the voice of Pikachu in Detective Pikachu, which is almost certainly not getting one. There is the film The Adam Project in which Reynolds plays a time-traveling pilot who teams up with himself as a kid and his late father to save the future. Keeping it weirdly genre, he will also produce and star in Everyday Parenting Tips, a film about raising kids during a “monster uprising.” L   Deadpool 3, but nothing that has started production yet.

Please note that there is a small Red Notice spoiler incoming in the next section.

Red Notice Sequels Shooting Back-to-Back Is a Concern

Cast. Image via Netflix.

Now, despite my dislike of the movie, the Deadline report does mention that Thurber plans to expand the universe by bringing in new characters. Which makes sense given that the ending of the Netflix Red Notice movie saw the 3 characters teaming up for another heist. Presumably, the next film(s) will see the 3 go up against more authority figures, cops or even worse thieves and villains. The curiosity of which big-name stars will join this would-be franchise is definitely intriguing. And the films can absolutely improve and be as fun and action-packed as the original promised. But the fact that the Red Notice sequels are shooting at the same time is a little worrying.

Historically, sequels that have had a similar approach haven’t been the best. The Matrix franchise’s 2nd and 3rd films shot back-to-back and even today are the lesser of those movies. Disney’s Pirates Of The Caribbean sequels did the same and weren’t the best received by critics. But to be fair, The Lord Of the Rings franchise also took the same approach with amazing results; but also had the backing of an iconic literary fantasy series to guide them. That might be the exception to the rule. Hopefully, the Red Notice sequels fare better than the original and give us something more than some tired heist movie tropes.

Production is planned to start on the sequels sometime in 2023. Red Notice is now on Netflix.

Are you excited for moreof Netflix’s Red Notice sequels? Let us know what you’re expecting from more movies set in this franchise. I feel like Netflix’s Red Notice movie universe could easily work out to be like Johnson’s own Fast & Furious franchise. Especially given that the actor is adamant about not returning to that franchise. 

Featured image via Netflix. 


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