Red Notice Official Trailer Brings The Heat
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Red Notice Official Trailer Brings The Heat In A Much Better Look At The New Netflix Blockbuster

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BY April 16, 2022

I was not too impressed with the Red Notice teaser trailer. It featured all the big names, big explosions and looked well shot, but lacked the oomph of what you’d expect from a movie with these stars. The jokes didn’t land, the music choice was odd and it was overall very underwhelming. That’s why I’m glad to see that the Red Notice official trailer improved on all those things, providing a bit more story and getting audiences properly invested in a movie of this calibre. Check out my breakdown below as we are officially on Red Notice!

So Much More Story In The Red Notice Official Trailer

Red Notice official trailer Gadot Image via Netflix.

While the teaser trailer painted a different picture of the new movie, the official trailer of Red Notice does a much better job of making things clear. We initially thought that the story was all about FBI Agent John Hartley (Dwayne Johnson) tracking down and catching two art thieves. One was the plucky and bumbling Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds), who he actually teams up with to stop the bigger fish. Gal Gadot plays the number one art thief, who they both have to stop. What the official trailer of Red Notice shows us is a lot better than what we could surmise from the teaser.

The trailer begins with Hartley catching up to Nolan as an FBI Agent. But we learn later that he is also framed by Gadot’s character, and is in the same jail as Booth. It seems. Together, the two have to team up to clear Hartley’s name, and by removing Gadot, Booth becomes number one in his trade. It seems wacky and unrealistic, but it’s a better explanation than the teaser. And it’s completely in line with the kind of purely action entertainer that Red Notice is positioning itself to be. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

This Trailer Actually Makes Red Notice Feel Very Fun

Red Notice official trailer Team Image via Netflix.

I’ve always maintained that movie trailers are an art form in and of themselves. Their purpose is to hype up a movie for its audiences. Any movie. Every movie, actually. It’s not to represent if the movie is good or bad, but just to hook an audience’s interest, enough for them to watch the film itself. The teaser of Red Notice failed to do that. While a newly cut official trailer is so much more fresh and totally reinvigorates my interest in the movie.

The music choice of the official trailer is also an improvement, and much more subtle. The tone and style lend better to the onscreen action than the previous choice. The jokes land, finally. The interaction and chemistry of Reynolds and Johnson are more on display in this trailer as well. It’s also very distinct in terms of what their roles are. Johnson is obviously playing the straight man, the duty-bound righteous hero, forced to work with a criminal to catch another.

Red Notice Official Trailer Defines Its Character Better

Red Notice official trailer Reynolds. Image via Netflix.

Complimenting Johnson is Reynolds typical deadpan deliveries, obnoxiously funny lines and it looks like he’s the comic relief of the movie. Which is the only thing that concerns me about this film right now. How Reynolds is seemingly relegated to being the second lead or the comedian of the film. It would be a disservice to Reynolds range as an actor, to have him be second fiddle to Johnson and Gadot. So I’m hoping the movie doesn’t demote him as The Rock’s sidekick and actually gives him more to do.

Gadot, as before, is stunning in the new trailer. We don’t really see a lot of new footage of her, but she’s able to wow and amaze with the amount we see her on-screen. Gadot looks like she’s having a lot of fun playing the antagonist. Especially after being the epitome of heroism in 2 Wonder Woman movies. I’m excited to see how all three of these massive stars’ chemistries play off of one another. The new trailer definitely showcases a more action side to the movie, which does look engaging. But honestly, I’m here to see Johnson, Reynolds and Gadot just rip into each other. Both physically and through quippy dialogue.

Red Notice premieres on November 12 on Netflix.

Does the new trailer get you more or less excited for Red Notice? Let me know in the comments below.

Featured image via Netflix.


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