Raya And The Last Dragon Teaser Trailer Is Pretty Amazing
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Raya And The Last Dragon Official Teaser Trailer Looks Like An Epic Quest Movie

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BY October 22, 2020

Disney and their many brands have had a tough couple of months recently. With the Covid-19 Pandemic causing havoc on release dates, many of Disney’s properties are either delayed or gone straight to streaming. One of their biggest movies of recent times, Mulan, released on Disney+, and it looks like Pixar’s Soul will follow. But their next animated tent-pole picture is another story with a minority lead that looks absolutely bonkers. The Raya and the Last Dragon teaser trailer is giving audiences all the excitement for a fresh and brand new story along the likes of Moana and Frozen. Not to mention, an eerily energetic theme tune that is hard to get out of your head. 

The Raya And The Last Dragon Teaser Trailer Kicks So Much Butt

Raya and the Last Dragon teaser trailer poster. Image via Disney.

The newest Disney animated feature film looks awesome. And I’m not just saying that due to the YouTube haze that I’m currently in while the Raya and the Last Dragon teaser trailer plays on repeat in the background for the 127th time. We don’t know a lot about this movie, and the recently released teaser doesn’t reveal much. For a teaser, it’s just that, a tease for the movie to come. But boy, does it really raise anticipation for this movie. 

Raya and the Last Dragon is an action-adventure story, which is clear from the teaser. It begins like a heist, with a young woman getting ready, Rambo-style, to break into… somewhere. She Indiana Jones-ses her way through booby-trap like obstacles in a temple-ish cavern, with the help of her tiny armadillo sidekick named Tuk Tuk. Finally, she enters a mystical chamber, guarded by a masked opponent. Things really take off here as Raya herself voices over the remainder of the trailer.

The teaser sets the tone as energetic, incredibly intriguing with brief light hearted moments. The second part of the teaser amps up into what the story is really about. She’s a warrior in training to be guardian of something called the Dragon Gem. But the world around her has changed and the people divided. So she has to go on a quest to find the last dragon to bring peace back into the world. What any of that means is incredibly unclear, but it doesn’t make the teaser any less badass. 

Disney’s New Movie Looks Epic in Scale 

Raya and the Last Dragon teaser trailer sidekick. Image via Disney.

Raya and the Last Dragon genuinely looks incredible. Its vibe is very much that of a legendary quest movie, and even Raya herself seems to go through some sort of transformation. The beginning sees her as an eager and dedicated fighter, but the end of the teaser reveals her in a more disheveled, nomadic monk-warrior look. Despite loving many of Disney’s animated films like Moana and Frozen, their scope never felt, epic. Even the recently released Mulan live-action movie didn’t have the same tone as the animated version of the same larger than life story. Raya most definitely has that feeling of a journey that spans myth and legend, and the main character looks actively involved as well, instead of the story happening to and around her.

Raya And The Last Dragon Teaser Trailer Could Be Redeeming In Many Ways

Raya and the Last Dragon teaser trailer heist. Image via Disney.

On top of looking amazing, Raya and the Last Dragon could be crucial for Disney. While Mulan boasted of an all Asian cast, the movie still garnered many criticisms about how the makers approached the inherently Asian story. Raya is also a movie that features Asian characters, and looks like an Asian story at heart, albeit a fantasy one. So if Disney can get this right, it might wash away the bad taste of Mulan for many who expected proper representation. 

The movie is also has a kind of redeeming story behind its main lead of Raya, voiced by Kelly Marie Tran. Yes, the same Tran who, in this writer’s opinion, was one of the best things about the new Star Wars trilogy. Many feel she was disserviced when her role became reduced to nothing in The Rise Of Skywalker, especially after the vitriol she suffered online. So for her to be the lead in the next big Disney animated film, is a huge deal. I for one am super glad to see her back in a leading role this time, and one that looks so special. Not to mention that Awkwafina is also in the movie, in the other titular role, of the Last Dragon herself. 

Raya and the Last Dragon releases on March 12, 2021. 

So what did you think of Raya and her brand new adventure? Let us know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Disney. 


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