Power Rangers Reboot TV Series Coming With A New Shared Universe 
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Power Rangers Is Getting Another Reboot With A Film And TV Shared Universe 

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BY October 21, 2020

Here we morph again! The massively successful Power Rangers franchise is getting an expanded reboot. The popular children’s show with 28 different adaptations on TV is in the midst of a resurgence. After a 2017 reboot failed to spark new interest in the franchise, there’s still no signs of stopping as there is a new Power Rangers reboot TV series in the works, along with a new movie. Jonathan Entwistle of I Am Not Okay With This and It’s The End Of The F***ing World will oversee this implied shared universe. 

How The Original Power Rangers Were So Mighty

Power Rangers reboot TV series reboot tv show. Image via Saban Entertainment.

The original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers was a TV series from the ’90s about a group of teenagers chosen to save the world. With the help of an intergalactic mentor and an anxious robot, the teens with martial arts skills transform into brightly colored superheroes. They have to then stop an evil space conqueror from taking over the Earth, every week with their skills and dinosaur-themed robots. It was honestly a lot more bad-ass than I’m making it sound right now. 

The Power Rangers were the kind of live-action martial arts fighting show for kids at a time when that didn’t exist anywhere else. It combined the bright and uplifting typical teen after-school special messages, with sci-fi action-adventure in the middle. The cast was incredibly diverse for its time, despite some pretty horrible issues behind the scenes. The show continued to reinvent itself after the first few years by changing its themes and gimmicks every season. The dinosaurs changed to cars, then space, ninja warriors, water vehicles and so much more. The franchise even spawned two pretty successful movies in its heyday. So with a Power Rangers reboot TV series in the works, the franchise is coming full circle. 

Go Go Power Rangers Reboot TV Series

Power Rangers reboot TV series movie. Image via Saban Entertainment.

After the less than desired performance of the 2017 Power Rangers reboot, hopes were dashed for any future franchise plans. But it looks like fans of the series can fist-pump in joy with the exclusive news from THR that confirms a cross-medium reboot is in the works. The man responsible for the original shows like It’s The End Of The F***ing World and I Am Not Okay With This is working on a Power Rangers reboot TV series, along with the reboot film series he also signed on for. 

While we don’t know exactly how the reboot movies will factor into this new reboot TV series, it sounds like they’re hinting at a shared universe. This wouldn’t be unheard of, given the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s shared universe with the movies and the Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series. And even DC is getting in on the game with a Gotham PD TV series set in the same world as Matt Reeves’ The Batman. And it looks like Hasbro and eOne production banner are looking to get in on that same concept with its new Power Rangers rebooted franchise. 

Why Entwistle Is Kind Of Perfect For The Power Rangers Reboot TV Series

Power Rangers reboot TV series reboot movie. Image via Saban.

Entwistle showcases his insane talent of telling the coming of age stories of teenagers dealing with life. His creations were so successful that It’s The End Of The F***ing World even won a Peabody award. So while the 2017 Power Rangers reboot movie tried to put an angsty YA drama genre spin to the classic 90’s franchise, Entwistle may have more success with that. There’s also the fact that his shows at times get a drastic turn in story and pacing, something that a sci-fi action-adventure could really benefit from. 

No word yet on when the new Power Rangers movie and TV series will begin production or release. 

How are you feeling about the new Power Rangers shared universe? Let us know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Saban.

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