Pirates of the Caribbean 6 with Margot Robbie, Cancelled
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Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 With Margot Robbie, Cancelled

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BY November 15, 2022

After Johnny Depp departed from the saga due to the scandalous trial we all witnessed, this was one of the many projects the charismatic actor could not continue. However, the Pirates of the Caribbean 6 project has been in production.

Therefore, the producers tried to give another twist to such a profitable franchise, which would focus more on women. However, this approach was unsuccessful. Actress Margot Robbie confirmed that Disney has no plans to continue.

Robbie has made her mark in Hollywood as a star with charisma, making a career for herself through hard work. The actress and producer navigate between independent films that tend toward obscure and blockbusters.

Despite investing much effort in Pirates of the Caribbean 6, the actress has confirmed that the project never got off the ground. This statement is bad news for fans of the saga. Although all is not lost, and maybe at some point, the film will get off the ground.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 with Margot Robbie, Cancelled

Margot Robbie Joins Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 Paramount Pictures/Walt Disney Pictures

Actress Margot Robbie gave an exclusive interview with Vanity Fair. Among her statements, she said that Disney seems to have discarded Pirates of the Caribbean 6, which was expected to have a more female-oriented plot.

Despite spending some time on the Pirates of the Caribbean 6 project, it will not materialize. The actress commented, “We had an idea and we were developing it for a while, a long time ago, to have more of a story starring women.”

For 2020, Walt Disney Pictures announced that the Pirates of the Caribbean star would be Robbie. They also said it would feature a script by Birds of Prey’s Christina Hodson. The new plot was never intended as a spinoff of the franchise. Instead, an original story that included new characters was sought.

At the time, Disney pointed out that Jerry Bruckheimer would direct the new film. Likewise, the production company stated that it was already in process and would be directed by Craig Mazin, the creator of Chernobyl

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Image: Walt Disney Pictures

Bruckheimer himself confirmed the development of two scripts for the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, where one would feature actress Robbie and the other would not. The director did not reveal who might star in the other film. But he hinted that the future is uncertain so that Johnny Depp may be back.

Recall that Deep is the star of Pirates of the Caribbean. Thanks to his interpretation of Captain Jack Sparrow, he managed to collect more than 4 billion dollars worldwide, a success.

But let’s remember that this 32-year-old actress has also attracted the attention of Hollywood. Her career skyrocketed with her spectacular performance in The Wolf of Wall Street. Let’s wait and see what happens with this film in the franchise.

Will There be a New Pirates Movie?

(Image: Walt Disney Pictures)

It has been 20 years since Disney released Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, the saga has already had four installments, all with a greater or lesser reception by the audience, but all of them starring Johnny Depp.

The plot of Pirates of the Caribbean 6 could continue the post-credits scene of Salazar’s Revenge. In this scene, we saw Will and Elizabeth Turner asleep, with Davy Jones stalking them. That could be the possible villain to defeat.

Maybe the son of these characters, Henry Turner, who Brenson Thwaites portrayed, will appear again. But with Johnny Depp’s problems, possibly Jack Sparrow won’t be in another movie so soon.

However, the rumors are there, and everything points to the fact that the beautiful pirate Redd, who was sold as an enslaved person and became a full-fledged pirate, we will not get to meet her since the role of Margot Robbie we do not know if she will play it either.

What we know for sure is that there are two projects. One is an entirely new story told, and the other gives continuity with the children of the original characters so that Disney Pictures can carry out any of these films.

Featured Image Via Paramount Pictures/Walt Disney Pictures 




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