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Pedro Pascal Joins Gladiator, Ridley Scott’s Sequel

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BY May 2, 2023

Actor Pedro Pascal will join the cast of Ridley Scott’s untitled Gladiator sequel in an unknown role for Paramount. Ridley Scott’s Gladiator is one of the best films of the beginning of this century. The production we enjoyed from 2000 onwards boosted the career of actor Russell Crowe to new heights. The film received several Oscar nominations, including Best Picture and Best Actor.

Pedro Pascal Game of Thrones Image via HBO Max

Currently, Paramount is producing the sequel to the previous film, telling the story of Lucius, Commodus’ nephew and heir to the throne. This movie will show how this character must recover his right to rule, fighting against the usurpers who want to conquer his lands.

Pedro Pascal Joins Gladiator 2

According to Deadline, the star of The Last of Us, Pedro Pascal, is reportedly negotiating a role in Ridley Scott’s Gladiator sequel. The actor would be negotiating with Paramount Studios about his participation in the film, which remains unknown.

If Paramount confirms Pascal’s participation, the actor will be involved in developing this new plot while they start the new season of The Last of Us. He would share the screen with other stars such as Paul Mescal, who plays the role of Lucius, Connie Nielsen, Joseph Quinn, Barry Keoghan, and Denzel Washington.

Paul Mescal Gladiator sequel Image via BBC Three

The new Gladiator movie generates expectations, considering the success of the first one. Its prequel grossed $460 million at a time when reaching $400 million was an incredible achievement. In addition to 12 nominations to the Oscars, winning 5 of them, including the Best Picture category.

Pedro Pascal’s career is on a steep rise due to the success of The Last of Us series on HBO, which led to his inclusion in other productions. Apart from the Gladiator sequel, we will see him in several upcoming films, such as the short film Strange Way of Life, directed by Pedro Almodovar. He will also be in Ethan Coen’s Drive-Away Dolls. Finally, we will see the actor as the main character in Freaky Tales, which will be released at the end of 2023.

A Movie With No Name (Yet)

The untitled sequel to Gladiator will revolve around Commodus’ nephew, Lucius, trying to regain his right to the throne in the government of the Roman Empire. Let’s not forget that when Russell Crowe’s Maximos Meridius kills his uncle in battle in the arena, Lucius was the direct heir to the throne. However, this former general’s action of returning power to the senate likely provoked events that would have serious repercussions for Lucius and his family.

Gladiator Russell Crowe Image via Paramount Pictures

As for Crowe’s participation in this film, it is unlikely that he will appear, considering that he died in the first instalment. However, the production team commented that he could appear in a flashback or a memory scene. He could even appear in this film’s introduction.

Filmmaker Ridley Scott will return to his director chair for this Gladiator sequel. David Scarpa wrote the script with the director’s direction and revision. Other returning crew members from the first part are John Mathieson as director of photography, Arthur Max as production designer and costume designer Janty Yates. The production team is also led by Scott, Michael Pruss, Lucy Fisher through Red Wagon Entertainment, and Doug Wick.

According to Paramount, Gladiator 2 is scheduled for theatrical release on November 22, 2024. Currently, it does not have an official title; however, it could be provided during the first teaser.


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