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With “Rogue Squadron” Director Patty Jenkins Finally Gets To Make The Fighter Pilot Movie She’s Always Wanted

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BY December 16, 2020

Director Patty Jenkins is officially making the jump from the comic book movie universe to the Star Wars galaxy. Announced last week (during the frankly overwhelming amount of news coming from Disney) was that Jenkins will direct an upcoming Star Wars film. The film will be titled Rogue Squadron, and it is the fighter pilot movie that Patty Jenkins has been waiting her entire life to make.

Patty Jenkins Knows Her Fighter Pilots

Jenkins herself is the daughter of a fighter pilot, and in the moving teaser released last week she gives tribute to her late father. William Jenkins was a Silver-Star captain in the U.S. Air Force who served in Vietnam. She speaks about how as a child she would watch her her father and his squadron take off in their jets, roaring across the sky.

After her father’s death during a NATO mock dogfight, Jenkins dreamt that someday she would be able to harness both “the tragedy and the thrill” of the lifestyle to create the best fighter pilot movie ever made. She has already had some practice in this area. In the first Wonder Woman movie she based the character of Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) off her own father. And there was certainly some fancy flying in that movie. All a prelude of what is to come from the first woman to ever direct a live-action Star Wars movie.

Wonder Woman 3 director Patty Jenkins Patty Jenkins | Photo by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

Will Jenkins Draw From The EU For Rogue Squadron?

Now Jenkins will bring the tragedy and the thrill to Star Wars with the upcoming Rogue Squadron. The film will follow a new group of the elite Rebel fighter pilots that Luke Skywalker once flew with. Jenkins promises a new and original story in the Star Wars galaxy. But she will also draw inspiration from the games and books previously released about Rogue Squadron.

Rogue Squadron Image via Lucasfilm

During the era of the EU that is now known as Star Wars Legends there was a series of X-Wing novels by Michael Stackpole that focused on the Rogue Squadron from the original trilogy. Characters like Wedge Antilles, and fan-favorite EU character Corran Horn were often the primary characters in those books. It is unlikely that we will see Wedge onscreen again, unless they decide to recast the role. But a version of Corran Horn would be wonderful to see onscreen. Horn would also be an excellent new protagonist in the Star Wars universe. Especially since this is the first Star Wars film coming out that might be unrelated to the rest of the Skywalker saga.

Patty Jenkins is a busy woman. She is currently working on Rogue Squadron (reports say the script is close to finished already) which is due out in 2023. Also in her lineup is Cleopatra: a historical drama about the famous Egyptian queen that will also star Wonder Woman herself – Gal Gadot. And of course we have Wonder Woman 1984 to look forward to, premiering on HBO Max (and in select theaters) on Christmas Day.

Wonder Woman 1984 poster. Wonder Woman 1984 | Image via Warner Bros.

We definitely look forward to learning more about Rogue Squadron as news emerges. To stay up to date, be sure to follow Comic Years on Facebook and Twitter today!

Featured image via Lucasfilm


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