The Important Advice Patty Jenkins Gave Birds of Prey Director Cathy Yan
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The Important Advice That Patty Jenkins Gave Birds Of Prey Director Cathy Yan

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BY February 19, 2021

Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) has easily become one of the most anticipated films of 2020. The film is featuring the already well-known character of Harley Quinn. Though, Margot Robbie’s debut as the character was overshadowed by Suicide Squad‘s pretty terrible reviews. Regardless of how poorly the film did, Robbie received universal praise, and a solo film was immediately in the question. The film is being directed by Cathy Yan, a relatively new face in the field. Patty Jenkins, best known for her success with Wonder Woman, spoke with Cathy Yan and gave her some pretty crucial advice. So, what was it?

Cathy Yan Takes On Birds of Prey and How Patty Jenkins Fits In    female directors golden globes

The lack of female directors at the Golden Globes or who are receiving big-budget films has been a pretty hot topic. Very few women have directed major comic book movies, and we all know that there have been plenty of those films lately. So, the stakes are pretty high. Though, Birds of Prey shouldn’t be directed any other way. The film focuses on some pretty feminine energy, and the underlying “girl power” vibes to the film are fueling Harley’s badassery.

Patty Jenkins blasted records out of the water for her work on Wonder Woman. She had already received relative success with her Oscar-winning film Monster. Though, with WW, Jenkins reminded viewers that having a woman behind the scenes can make a big difference, especially when the story relies on strong women who are both powerful and in tune with their sexuality. Jenkins will be returning with Wonder Woman 1984 later this year.

Cathy Yan Patty Jenkins birds of prey Image via DC Films.

Cathy Yan And Patty Jenkins In Conversation About Birds of Prey

Since they’re two of the most current women directing superhero films, Cathy Yan and Patty Jenkins were destined to talk about their filmmaking. Cathy Yan spoke with Variety about what she and Jenkins have discussed. She also mentions how she landed the job. Yan had found herself on a list of potential directors for the film, and all she could think about was how she could not “f– it up”. And luckily for her (and us!), she didn’t.

Being behind such a big movie certainly has its stress. Cathy Yan recalls calling up Patty Jenkins in search of guidance. Jenkins advice? “You’ve got to remember that no one knows this movie as much as you. That’s what makes you the director.” Yan found this advice pretty helpful. We’re excited to see how her understanding and vision of the film leads itself to the big screen.

Cathy Yan Patty Jenkins birds of prey Image by Claudette Barius via Warner Bros.

A Great Year for Superhero Films Directed By Women

2020 is about to be a great year for female directors and action movies. Black Widow, Birds of Prey, Wonder Woman 1984and Eternals are all being directed by women. They’re also well anticipated. And, frankly, we just can’t wait to see them. Cathy Yan, Patty Jenkins, and the long list of other working female directors in the scene right now clearly have some exciting stories to tell.

Readers, are you looking forward to Birds of Prey? Let us know!

Featured image via DC Films.

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