Paranormal Activity 8 Release Date Rumors (UPDATED)
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Paranormal Activity 8 Release Date Rumors

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BY October 6, 2022
The Paranormal Activity franchise is one that doesn’t seem to die! Originally, the film series was meant to end in 2015 with The Ghost Dimension. This film wrapped up a few loose ends from the previous five films, showing the demon Toby finally getting what he wanted. However, to many people’s surprise, the franchise rebooted in 2021 after Paramount released Next of Kin exclusively on their streaming sites. However, it seems this movie wasn’t just a one-off, and there will be a Paranormal Activity 8.Originally, the first Paranormal Activity movie showed Katie and Micah as they tried to deal with some odd things happening around their homes. In the movie, which Paramount released in 2009, Micah sets up a camera to try and capture some of these happenings. Although the first film had a modest budget of $215,000, it was a worldwide hit as it terrified people from all walks of life. Eventually, the film ended up grossing $193 million – so it was no surprise that the film studio pushed for a sequel!

This led to Paranormal Activity 2, 3, 4, and even a quasi-spinoff film, The Marked Ones. Each of these movies worked to develop the series’ mythology, which eventually included aspects of time travel and deeper demonology. Eventually, writer Oren Peli called it quits with The Ghost Dimension. Until now, that is! It appears that Paramount is gearing up to release Paranormal Activity 8 in 2023.

Paranormal Activity 8 Plot

Paranormal Activity 8 Image: Paramount

Currently, it’s unclear what the plot of Paranormal Activity 8 is. The last film, Next of Kin, was a reboot of sorts of the franchise. Unlike the other films, the film didn’t try to continue the mythology of the original franchise. As such, there was no Toby, no Katie – the only thing connecting the films was the found-footage and demonology. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Paramount decided to release this film exclusively on their streaming site, Paramount.

Unfortunately, critical reception to Next of Kin wasn’t great. Many fans and critics criticised the movie for not doing anything new and relying on the usual jump scare tactics. This has been a running criticism for the franchise ever since the first film. Additionally, one of the original producers, Jason Blum, publicly called the film “terrible.” He went on to talk about how he believes the franchise should meet its end. Despite his criticisms, there’s no word on if his production company, Blumhouse Productions, will work on Paranormal Activity 8. 

Even if Blum isn’t involved, it’s clear that Paramount is pushing ahead with this next entry in the franchise. After all, despite poor reviews, the films have proved to be a hit with fans. In total, the franchise has grossed approximately $890,533,646 worldwide. Quite a lot for a film series with a total franchise budget of $28,015,000! So, it’s no surprise that Paramount is keen to release Paranormal Activity 8 and continue this trend of high returns from low-budget flicks.

The Other Side Rumours

Paranormal Activity 8 Image: Paramount

Rumours abound that Paranormal Activity 8 will be called The Other Side and will be a direct continuation of the franchise’s former storyline. According to speculation, Next of Kin was a bridge of sorts, and The Other Side will focus a lot more on the original franchise’s plot. Apparently, Oren Peli wrote the script while Wincent Sommers will direct it. There’s also speculation that Nika Sofie, Tamara Hitz, Chany Dakota, and Chethrin Schulze will form some of the cast. Previously, Sommers worked on Slender Man: Origins. 

Additionally, it seems that Paranormal Activity 8 might come out in 2023. There’s no word on if it’ll stay on Paramount+ like Next of Kin or if Paramount wants a cinema release. If the film does continue the original franchise’s storyline, then Paramount will likely want to cash out on this in the theaters. Regardless of how it releases, it’s almost definitely coming out during late October. After all, apart from The Marked Ones, every film in the series came out at this time. What better way to celebrate this creepy time with a new Paranormal Activity movie?!

What are your thoughts? Are you excited about Paranormal Activity 8? What would you like to see in the next movie? Let us know your thoughts below!


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