Oscar Award Winners To Be Decided This Week, What We Expect?
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Oscar Award Winners To Be Decided This Week, What Can We Expect?

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BY March 3, 2023

The final round of Oscar Award voting is underway with great expectations, and soon we will know the winners. The favorite film to win statuettes is Everything Everywhere all at Once. According to predictions, it could win at least 3 awards, although many points to a higher number.

These predictions can be extracted from the PGA and SAG awards results. These awards usually give clues as to which films will win in these ballots, and in both, the aforementioned film dominated. In fact, it broke records in the first ballots we discussed, placing it as the favorite.

Oscar Award Winners To Be Decided This Week, What Can We Expect?

Oscar Award Winners Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

Voting for the Oscar Award winners will occur between March 2 and 7, 2023, even though many films have renowned characters, such as Steven Spielberg’s The Fabelmans. Everything Everywhere All at Once is the production that can win most of the Oscars this year.

From the results shown at the PGA and SAG awards, it is almost certain that Everything Everywhere all at Once will win the Best Picture and Best Actor categories. It could also win other awards, as it is considered a favorite to win at the WGA weekend event. If it succeeds, it will be one of the few productions to win the awards of the main guilds (PGA, DGA, SAG and WGA). This has not happened since Argo, which was released in 2012.

The PGA awards can be key and even a reflection of what happens and give us clues as to who will be the Oscar Award winners. The reason is that their method of selecting a winner is similar to those used by the Academy. This award always has a very close relationship with the results, such as The Shape of Water’s victory over Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri in 2017.

As for the SAG Awards, Everything Everywhere all at Once made history at this year’s edition. This film won 4 awards at the event, which had never happened before at this gala. 

In an interview, Variety reporters told several actors, “That wasn’t only a win – that was a statement. I keep hearing from my colleagues and studios that people don’t like the movie. I haven’t met these people. Where are they? They’re clearly not voters”.

Everything Everywhere all at Once How to Favorite to Win 

Oscar awars 2023 Source: Screen Rant

We may not see an actor punching an actor in the middle of the ceremony this time. We might see a film that many consider a lightweight to be the biggest among the Oscar Award winners.

Precisely because it is the Cinderella of the competition, it might help it choose the winner. Many of the voters may see it as a David Vs Goliath replica. Considering Everything Everywhere all at Once is an independent production with no big-name actors or directors in its ranks.

Estimates are that the film will win at least 5 Oscars. First, we have the Best Picture category and the Best Director award to Daniel Kwan. The award for Best Actor would go to Elvis, although the statuette for Best Actress would go to Everything Everywhere all at Once. Finally, we would have the awards for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress for this production.

Another Oscar Award that could win would be Best Original Screenplay, although it is quite close. On the other hand, Elvis would have another award for Best Costume and could also get another statuette for the category of Makeup and Hairstyling.

Featured Image Via 20th Century Studios / A24 / Universal / Searchlight 



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