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The Opening Box Office Numbers for Ghostbusters: Afterlife Are Here and We’re Impressed

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BY December 1, 2021

Earlier this year, Joshua M. Patton and I sat down to discuss our box office predictions for the remainder of 2021. He said that if films like Ghostbusters: Afterlife are able to do well, then the industry is in better shape than we could have anticipated. A few months and a few hundred million dollars passing through the box office later, we have our answer. The opening box office numbers for Ghostbusters: Afterlife are here, and they’re pretty good.

What The Opening Box Office Numbers For Ghostbusters: Afterlife Look Like

Ghostbusters: Afterlife is the delayed sequel to 1984’s Ghostbusters. The new film, directed by the son of the first’s, gives us a younger group of ghostbustin’ pals, and it both delights in its nostalgia and gives newcomers a way in. But bringing back a franchise with such a mixed past (and a beloved start) can be tricky, so this $75 million film had high monetary expectations.

The Sony Pictures film scored $44 million domestic, bringing it to the #1 spot at the box office. This number slightly exceeds expectations while also proving there is more than enough space for non-Marvel films to do well. Comparatively, the 2016 female-driven reboot earned $46 million in its opening weekend, ending with $128 million domestic after its run. However, it did this on a budget nearly double that of Afterlife, making it a flop.

Ghostbusters opened back in 1984 with $13.5 million (nearly $36 million after adjusting for inflation.) It went on to have incredibly impressive legs and kickstarted the eventual franchise. We don’t quite expect Afterlife to have such an impressive streak, but its positive word-of-mouth and decent critical reviews might help it on its way.

Internationally, Afterlife has earned $16 million from its 31 overseas markets.

ghostbusters afterlife spoiler review Image via Sony Pictures Releasing.

What Else Is Making Money?

King Richard also dropped in theaters this weekend. The film, focusing on the upbringing of Venus and Serena Williams, made $5.7 domestically. However, it also dropped on HBO Max, so the box office numbers aren’t the only sign of success. While it is underperforming financially, it has been pulling in excellent reviews and earning some early Oscar Buzz. Eternals, an earlier release, has dropped from its first-place status on the top five and sits at #2. It made another $10.8 million domestically, pulling it up to $135.8 million and $200.3 million internationally.

Another film that remains on our radar is Dune. The film was released a month ago but continues to make money and should be crossing the $100 million domestic threshold by next weekend. It currently stands at $98.1 million domestic and $268.9 million internationally. This is very impressive for a film that had a concurrent HBOMax release.

You can catch Ghostbusters: Afterlife in theaters now.

Readers, did you manage to contribute to the opening box office numbers of Ghostbusters: Afterlife? If you did, then check out our spoiler review of the film. And if it’s still on your list, find out if it’s worth your time with our spoiler-free review.

Featured image via Sony Pictures Releasing.


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