Mario Movie Trailer, Second Footage To Be Released!
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Nintendo Announces Second Mario movie Trailer

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BY November 29, 2022

Fans are looking forward to the new movie that Nintendo is developing. The first Mario movie trailer was already released, showing part of the movie’s plot and the characters’ voices. On the latter, there was controversy on the side of the protagonists of the production. On the other, there was applause for the villain’s voice.

In a recent announcement, Nintendo said it will release a second and final trailer of the production based on its main video game character. This will show more details of the movie and possible changes made. It will announce its Direct platform, but it seems to only broadcast this short film, with no mention of game releases.

The company is calling the fans of the video game and the character to detail this new presentation of the filming. It creates great expectations in this movie. Considering the game’s popularity, you can significantly impact the movie if it resembles the console games. As published by Nintendo, it is short to enjoy the second trailer of this production.

The Second Trailer of Mario Movie Live Broadcast

Nintendo announced on its Twitter account the release of the second trailer of the Mario movie. This streaming will take place today, November 29, at 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time. The company will stream the new movie teaser on the Nintendo Direct platform.

The tweet read: “Join us at 2:00 p.m. PT on 11/29 for the world premiere of The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s second trailer! The gaming company will include no game information in this #NintendoDirect.” 

The company’s tweet not only declared the broadcast of the movie trailer. It also warns that Nintendo will show no video game-related content, which shows how focused the company is on this production.

Chris Pratt Mario Movie Image: Nintendo

It is worth noting that the first teaser had divided opinions, emphasizing the dissatisfaction with Chriss Patt. This actor represents Mario’s voice; however, his accent is not Italian. This creates a problem because fans want to hear Mario’s Italian voice. Instead, they heard the artist’s English everything, which caused discomfort.

It wasn’t all bad, considering that the actor who developed Bowser, Jack Black, got a lot of applause in the first short. The plot was also liked by the viewers, which implies that this movie looks to be a success. We will have to wait for what news brings about this new filming and how it affects the whole world of Mario.

What we Know About the Nintendo Movie so Far

First Mario movie trailer Image: Nintendo

Mario Bros. The movie is being developed by a joint venture between Nintendo and Illumination and also features the participation of the character’s creator Shigeru Miyamoto. There are many doubts about the movie’s plot and whether it will be adapted to the character’s games.

From what we saw in the first Mario movie trailer, it is possible because Bowser appears to be kidnapping (again) Princess Mushroom. Mario and Luigi are also seen going on an adventure to rescue her from the dragon. At least in that part, we will see that the production will respect the central plot.

As for the weapons the main characters will use, there are doubts about which game they will use as a reference if they use them all. They will use the original versions, where you had elements such as the flower, the star, and the feather to obtain skills. There is also the possibility that they will use the magic caps from the 64 version.

New Mario Movie Trailer Image: Nintendo/Marvel Studios

The cast that makes up this Mario movie will feature Chris Pratt, who provides the voice of Mario. There is also Charlie Day, who voices his brother, Luigi, Jack Black, in the role of Bowser. In addition, we will have Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach, Keegan-Michael Key as Toad, and for the voice of Donkey Kong, we will have Seth Rogen.

The movie has several release dates assigned according to the region where you live. In most theaters, the production will be released on April 7 in theaters. However, it will be released in Australia on the 30th of that month and in Sweden on the 24th. Japan will see the movie on April 28 in its theaters.

The fact that the Mario movie will reach cinemas on April 28 in Japan opens the possibility that Nintendo is planning promotions for its equipment or using it to launch new games on its platform. A new version of Mario or another title for its Nintendo Switch console.      

Featured Image Via  Nintendo 




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