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Nic Cage In Face Off 2: The Idea Is “Exciting”

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BY May 4, 2022

Ever since the film was announced, fans of the original have wondered whether Nic Cage in Face/Off 2 would happen. As it turns out, the actor is as intrigued about the film as fans of the first installment. That doesn’t mean that much has been said about the sequel, however, as the actor seems as in the dark as fans. As it stands, Cage doesn’t seem to want to share details about the upcoming film, which was announced in 2021, decades after the original. Either that, or he doesn’t know any details, as he claims. Despite this, the actor recently spoke about the Face/Off sequel in a recent interview, noting that the idea behind it is “interesting.”

Nic Cage In Face/Off 2 Image via Paramount

Nic Cage In Face/Off 2 Isn’t Confirmed

\While the film has already been greenlit, it appears as though Nic Cage in Face/Off 2 mightn’t happen. The actor claims that nobody has reached out to him about the movie so far. If true, that could mean that there are no plans to bring back his character from the original.

Given that the character appeared to die at the end of the movie, that would make sense in-universe. The story is seemingly still being finalized, however, which could mean that that would change. Despite fans of the original, Cage notes that he’s hesitant about the film being made.

That’s primarily down to John Woo – the original film’s director – not being involved. Speaking in a recent interview, Nic Cage said that he hasn’t been approached about the film while elaborating about being hesitant.

As he says:

“I have not heard hide nor hair about it. So often these things we read about are just conjecture without any base or foundation to it. I feel the same about National Treasure 3. It’s been 14 years. There’s no ‘there’ there. So, is it fun to think about? Sure…. Would it be an exciting movie to make? Oh, hell yeah. But John Woo was such a huge voice in that movie. It couldn’t be a remake. I think these filmmakers even said as much — that something like that would have to be a sequel.”

As it stands, it looks as though Nic Cage in Face/Off 2 isn’t set to happen.

What We Know About a Possible Face/Off Sequel

The original film was released in 1997 and went on to critical acclaim, with a follow-up being announced 14 years after its release. Since then, it appears as though the movie has gone through a few hiccups. As the film’s writer claimed last year, it was facing “casting challenges,” among other things.

Since then, though, things have apparently gone uphill. As the writer notes:

“I want to say something that people haven’t mentioned yet. It took Adam and I two years to pitch Face/Off 2, because our pitch was so confusing, that just kept saying, ‘We think we like what you’re saying, but can you just explain who’s got whose face on in this scene?’ Ultimately, it was only when they actually paid us to write a 35-page treatment that I think everyone really understood what we were proposing. There’s a lot of enthusiasm at the studio level, which I’m not used to.”

Do you want to see Nic Cage in Face/Off 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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