New Transformers Movie Finds A New Director For A New Franchise
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New Transformers Movie Finds A New Director And Continues The Bumblebee Universe

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BY November 18, 2020

Another franchise getting a boost across multiple mediums seems to be Transformers. While the new Transformers anime is interesting and doing something new, more live-action movies look like they’re on the way. Whether we want them or not. The latest news from Deadline confirms that a new director is in talks to be working on a new Transformers movie to continue the live-action franchise that began with Michael Bay in 2007. 

New Transformers Movie Will Be A Sequel. Kinda.

New Transformers movie featured. Image via Paramount.

The original Transformers live-action movies kickstarted a multi-billion dollar box office for the franchise. Heralded by the King of Kaboom, Michal Bay himself, the franchise targeted a broad audience with its use of action, comedy, drama, and a lot of explode-y things. It all worked out. The movies grossed high numbers at the box office, despite their critical reception. The first Transformers live-action movie was actually enjoyable. But the hyper-realism of the giant metal robots eventually made the fight sequences a blur of CGI that was too difficult to follow and not as enjoyable. The dwindling quality of the movies, more specifically their stories, eventually made the studio look to a reboot with Bumblebee. 

Bumblebee focused on a more personal story, similar to the ‘lost dog finds young child’ trope from many other movies. But this time, it was a lost alien Robo-car finds young girl. The movie was actually pretty fun, while not in the same scope as its predecessors. Despite its positive critical reception, the movie wasn’t a huge draw at the box office. However, a report from confirms that the new Transformers movie will be set in the same universe as Bumblebee. So it will act as a kind of sequel to that rebooted universe of Transformers.Thus far, nothing in these movies directly conflicts with the other movies, but this new franchise seems to take precedence over the movies past.

New Director Will Take Over Transformers Movie Franchise

New Transformers movie Image via Paramount.

The new Transformers movie’s director will be Steven Caple Jr. The news confirms that talks are happening, and expect the deal with Caple Jr. to go through in the coming weeks. Caple Jr. is notable due to his directing of Creed 2 with Michael B. Jordan. The director can clearly handle coming into a franchise, seeing how Creed 2 was the last movie in the Rocky franchise and was pretty decent. Time will tell how well he plays in the Transformers universe though. 

The Movie We Could Have Gotten Is More Interesting

New Transformers movie Beast Wars. Image via Hasbro.

Earlier this year, we heard that Paramount was actually planning two different versions of a new Transformers movie. Two different screenwriters were putting their own spin on the franchise, but it was Joby Harold’s version that got the green light, with Caple Jr. expected to direct. However, James Vanderbilt was working on his own movie which was a Transformers Beast Wars spin-off. Which could’ve been amazing! The Beast Wars was a CGI animated Transformers series that dealt with the predecessors of the original Autobots and Decepticons that transformed into animals, instead of vehicles. 

It was a great series that better explored the symbiotic relationship between artificial machines and organic life. There were elements of spirituality and philosophy in the show, a rarity for a cartoon series mainly meant to sell toys. A live-action version of that story would have been amazing. Alas, that’s not the version we’ll be getting in the new movie. However, the Transformers: War For Cybertron anime is rumored to have an iteration of the Beast Wars during its trilogy. So we’ll get the Beast Wars in some form. Until then, no word on when a new Transformers live-action movie will begin production or release. 

So how do you feel about the Creed 2 director potentially taking on the new Transformers franchise? Let me know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Paramount. 


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