New Resident Evil Movie Rumored to Be In Production
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New Resident Evil Movie Rumored to Be In Production

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BY June 2, 2023

If you thought 2023 was already zombie-filled enough with movies like Evil Dead Rise, then think again! The rumors are flying high again about another entry in a zombie franchise. But this time, it’s about a different franchise entirely – Resident Evil. Yep, that’s right; there’s apparently going to be a new Resident Evil movie coming out in the near future. The chatter’s all about a project potentially named “Umbrella Chronicles.” Can you believe it?

Now, before you get too hyped, remember: it’s all just whispers and speculation for now. But come on, don’t we all love a good bit of movie gossip? It’s pretty exciting to imagine a new film in the works, especially considering how fun the recent reboot was. 

Firstly, let’s dish on the spicy bits of the rumor. The same production powerhouse that brought us ‘Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City‘ is allegedly at the helm again. That’s right! They could be cranking up the gears for this new Resident Evil movie, no less.

At this point, some of you might be wondering, “Why all the buzz about another Resident Evil film?” Well, let me jog your memory. Remember the action-packed saga of ‘Welcome to Raccoon City’? Yeah, that’s the gold I’m talking about! It absolutely set the box office on fire and left fans hungry for more. It was a fantastic reboot of the franchise that pleased old fans while satisfying plenty of new ones, too.

When is the new Resident Evil movie releasing?

New Resident Evil Movie Image: IMDB

Now, as any diehard Resident Evil fan would tell you, the movie series has come a long way. From the first adrenaline-pumping flick back in 2002, we’ve embarked on a thrilling ride full of zombies, mutants, and of course, the evil Umbrella Corporation. Each film has spun a tale more thrilling than the last, which makes the anticipation for the new Resident Evil movie all the more enticing.

Moving on, if this “Umbrella Chronicles” rumor proves true, it could continue the saga’s success streak. After all, who doesn’t love another chance to dive into the dark world of Resident Evil?

And oh boy, imagine what the new Resident Evil movie could bring! More undead action? Darker corporate conspiracies? New heroics from our favorite characters? Well, only time will tell.

But for now, let’s just enjoy the speculation. Picture yourself in front of the big screen, popcorn in hand, waiting for the chilling words “Umbrella Chronicles” to flicker into view. Chills, right?

Just so we’re clear, though, there’s no official confirmation yet. But hey, this isn’t our first rodeo, right? We know how these rumors often turn out! And more often than not, where there’s smoke, there’s a zombie-infested fire. So, fingers crossed, folks!

To wrap things up, the possibility of a new Resident Evil movie is beyond exciting. Think about it – another shot of adrenaline, another ride into the world of survival horror. And with the same production team reportedly on board, we might just be in for another box-office hit.

So, for now, we’ll just sit tight and keep our ears open. And when more news drops about the new Resident Evil movie, you bet we’ll be here to share the scoop. Until then, keep dreaming about those Umbrella Chronicles, fellow Resident Evil fans!


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