Netflix’s Over The Moon Trailer Looks Like a Pixar-Level Story
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Netflix’s Over The Moon Looks Like a Pixar-Level Story Sure To Make Us Cry

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BY June 26, 2020

Pixar is the studio that values the emotional core of a story over any other formula for commercial mainstream filmmaking. The epitome of it is that one internet meme about how the first 10-minutes of Pixar’s Up is a better love story than most feature-length romance movies. But I couldn’t help but think of all those things associated with Pixar when watching Netflix’s Over The Moon trailer. I laughed. I felt sad. But more importantly, I left the trailer with a sense of crazy wonder from the last 20 seconds. 

So Many Things To Love In The Over The Moon Trailer

Netflix's Over The Moon trailer heroine. Featured image via Netflix.

The Over The Moon trailer starts with a fairytale about a Chinese goddess. The happy Chinese parents of a little girl tell the story of a Goddess separated from her love through a magic potion that condemned her on the moon. The voiceover juxtaposes the story with the parents in love, and the mom’s unexpected death. The little girl grows up obsessed with the story. The Moon Goddess’s exile on the moon reflects her mom’s death. Are you crying yet? 

It’s an incredibly effective hook that slowly pulls you into the story, and makes you completely invested in whatever this girl will grow up to do. The rest of the trailer follows the little girl, desperately trying to hold on to the story, despite everyone around her not believing in it. The story has everything from quirky and hilarious family members, a cute pet-bunny, uplifting music and so much more. It looks like a movie about love, loss, belief in something more than yourself. But then the last 20 seconds of the trailer comes around and turns the entire thing on its head. 

This New Netflix Movie Trailer Teases More Than Drama In Its Story

The Over The Moon trailer is really a masterpiece. It’s got everything you could possibly want. And then, right at the last moment, it adds a whole lot of everything else. In her attempts to prove that the Moon Goddess is real, the little girl builds a ship to take her there. Obviously, the plan goes awry and as she’s plummeting to Earth, she’s rescued by—a bright and furry dragon creature? The last remaining seconds of the trailer feature a sizzle reel of some incredible things.

The sequences tease some bright and exotic settings, some neon creatures, Tron-like bikes, and the Moon Goddess herself? The ending of the trailer took a story that already looked incredibly moving and emotional and added another layer that is sure to shock and awe audiences. Not to mention the intense curiosity it now invokes about how those elements will tie into the more real-world themes in the movie. 

Over the Moon’s Representation Is Refreshing

Netflix's Over The Moon trailer family. Featured image via Netflix.

Another brilliant aspect of Netflix’s Over The Moon trailer is how the story is about entirely Chinese characters, pulling from the culture itself. The folklore elements feel very reminiscent of Kubo And The Two Strings, a movie that featured feudal Japan as its backdrop, in a story about parental love as well. Over The Moon looks incredibly sweet, heartwarming, and rich in a vibrancy that should appeal to all. The movie stars Sandra Oh, John Cho, Ken Jeong and new comer Cathy Ang. Over The Moon’s director is a legend in Disney movie circles, Glen Keane. Keane has also done the animation of movies like– hold  on to your hats– The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty And The Beast, Pocahontas and the Oscar winning Dear Basketball. 

Over The Moon releases on Netflix in the fall of 2020. 

What did you think of Netflix’s Over The Moon trailer? Let us know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Netflix. 


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