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Netflix’s Knives Are Out: Streamer Buys Whodunnit Sequels

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BY April 2, 2021

Let’s all don our artfully-distressed Aran sweaters, because I’ve got some movie news. Netflix’s getting their Knives Out–twice, actually–and doing it at an eyewatering cost.

Netflix’s Bought Knives Out  Sequels for How Much???

We’ve known that Rian Johnson was working on at least one Knives Out sequel. Now, however, we know that there are going to be two–a Knives Out trilogy. Gosh, it’s good that Johnson already has experience with a trilogy’s rabid fandom, then.

Anyway, as exclusively reported, the streaming service outbid Apple and Amazon for the rights to those sequels. And according to Deadline‘s sources, Netflix will be paying ’round about $400 million for all those knives. *a like, ten-second-long low whistle*

In case you didn’t know, Johnson produced the original film with partner Ram Bergman. They also own the licensing for it, which means that after the first film, they were free to shop around any sequels. And since the first film did quite well–$311+ million on a $40 million budget–that made the sequels even more valuable. I guess. I’m not a mathgician.

The First Sequel Will Begin Filming This Year

netflixs knives out image via Lionsgate and MRC

While we don’t know much about the plot for the next film, it seems clear that the films will follow Daniel Craig’s Benoit Blanc character. Johnson, an Agatha Christie fan, created the character as a kind of homage to Christie’s iconic detective character, Hercule Poirot, who appeared in many novels and short stories by the author. (In the linked article above by our Meghan, she mentions the fun fact that the Knives Out films are now competing with Hercule Poirot movies. You know, movies like Death on the Nile, which had such a sunnier future when she wrote about it. God, we were so young back in January 2020.)

Anyway, filming on the first sequel, title/subtitle unknown, will begin in Greece this June. Craig is expected to reprise his role as Blanc, while casting for other roles is imminent.

What do you think of Netflix’s Knives Out mega-deal? Tell us on our social media or in the comments below.

featured image via Lionsgate and MRC


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