Mission Impossible 8 Air Scenes Shooting Begins
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Mission Impossible 8 Air Scenes Shooting Begins

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BY March 3, 2023

The filming of Mission Impossible 8: Dead Reckoning, Part Two, is still underway. The film’s star, Tom Cruise, is currently filming with director Christopher McQuarrie. The duo is currently shooting several scenes on an American aircraft carrier off the coast of Italy.

Reports claim that Cruise was in the port city of Bari, Italy. He stayed at a 5-star hotel on February 24 and, the following day, boarded a helicopter that took him to the military vessel. Although not confirmed by his representative, several sources claim that the aircraft carrier is the USS George HW Bush.

Mission Impossible 8 Air Scenes Shooting Begins

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Tom Cruise arrived on February 25 on a U.S. aircraft carrier located near the Italian stuff. Initially, the ship was near the Italian coast, but it changed location after the actor arrived. It is between Italy and Croatia, where parts of the scenes of the movie Mission Impossible 8 will be filmed.

All scenes involving airplanes, helicopters and anything involving airspace will be shot there. These are expected to be finished by this week’s end, so Cruise can return to the city of Bari. According to statements by Antonio Parente, the head of the Puglia Film Commission, he will then leave Italy.

Parente commented, “We are proud that Apulia has been chosen as the operational base for this rather complex shoot.” He also noted that the organization he leads made itself available to Paramount to carry out the filming. However, he could only help with logistical arrangements at the airport, to get the helicopter to take the actor to the ship and vice versa.

The head of the Apulia Film Commission also pointed out that the locations for the shooting of Mission Impossible 8 were always secret. Paramount kept this information hidden, making it impossible for these locations to be known.

Cruise Focused on Playing the Secret Agent Ethan Hunt

Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible 7 & 8 Postponed Yet Again, To .... Image: Paramount Pictures

The actor is currently focused on filming the movie Mission Impossible 8. This film was shot in several European locations, although they could not do the scenes on the Arctic island of Svalbard, off the coast of Norway.

According to several statements, including Parente’s own, the actor filmed several scenes. He also added that his only break was to be at the 95th Annual Oscar Nominees Luncheon in early February 2023. Paramount is expected to release Mission Impossible 8 in 2024.

This would be the last film in the franchise that began with the television series in 1966. It would also be the last of the saga started by Cruise himself in 1996, where the character Ethan Hunt appeared for the first time on the big screen.

One element that has many expectations is the impact that Mission Impossible 8 will have—considering the reactions caused by Top Gun: Maverick, a production also starring Cruise and produced by Paramount. It could have an even greater acceptance because it will end this saga.   

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