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Michelle Yeoh New Movie Looks Equal Parts Insane And Amazing

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BY December 20, 2021

Michelle Yeoh new movie coming out in 2022, and it looks equal parts awesome and totally insane. Everything Everywhere All At Once just dropped its first trailer, and we have a multiverse of feelings on what this movie is going to be. Studio A24 is at it again, with some very familiar faces in this high-concept sci-fi story. 

What’s Michelle Yeoh New Movie About?

The trailer for Michelle Yeoh new movie ” Everything Everywhere All At Once ”  watches kind of like a fever dream you have while sitting in a laundromat at 3am. It starts pretty standard, with Jamie Lee Curtis doing what appears to be a tax audit on Michelle Yeoh’s character Evelyn Wang. Scenes of Mrs. Wang’s struggling life flashes by. You have just enough time to notice Jamie Lee Curtis’s character has a row of suggestively-shaped trophies in her office before Yeoh gets thrown back in her spinny chair and the universe shatters. 

Michelle Yeoh New Movie Image via Daniels

Naturally, Michelle Yeoh’s husband reveals he’s from another universe and explains that she is the only one standing between the multiverse and total annihilation, maybe by Jamie Lee Curtis. Interdimensional husband explains that Michelle Yeoh can access the memories, emotions, and skills of every interaction of herself across the multiverse. Some of these Evelyns are chefs, celebrities, badass fighters, and probably space emperors if the multiverse is expansive enough to snatch up her roles from Star Trek: Discovery Terra Firma.

What Do We Take From the Everything Everywhere All At Once Trailer?

The trailer for Everything Everywhere All At Once wraps in a montage of other Evelyn’s across the multiverse, with flashes of the one we know and love shooting googly eyes (this is a literal statement) from her body like craft store bullets. It’s a lot, but among the wild imagery and rad sci-fi mind bending is a throughline of emotional depth that holds the chaos together. The trailer closes out with Michelle Yeoh’s husband from another universe saying “Every rejection, every disappointment has led you here, to this moment. Don’t let anything distract you from it,” which is what everyone wants to hear sometimes, especially when it looks like you’re about to throw hands with a force of destruction that doesn’t even stop at the boundaries of the universe. 

Everything Everywhere All At Once is set to premiere in early 2022. 

What skills would you lend to a version of you from another universe? Tell us that and your thoughts on this awesome new Michelle Yeoh new movie in the comments below! 

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