Michael Keaton Batman Logo Teased For The Flash By Director
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A Bloody Michael Keaton Batman Logo Teased For The Flash By Director

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BY August 14, 2021

I think I’m finally willing to acknowledge that there’s a Flash movie coming. After years of revolving door of news, crew and cast involved, fans finally get a tease that signals a confirmation that I felt we all needed. And the tease is huge enough for us to get excited about the Flash movie again too. The (now final) director of The Flash teased a Michael Keaton Batman logo, with blood splatter on it. This confirms a lot about the new movie that, up until now, could still be taken with a grain of Bat-salt. While the image itself is pretty cool, it symbolizes a stage of production that means a lot more. 

The Flash Movie’s Delayed Production Caused Fans To Lose Faith

Micheal Keaton Batman logo Poster. Image via Warner Bros.

There is so much that went on behind the scenes of The Flash movie, that its all, honestly, feels like a blur. Announced as part of the solo-hero movies of the characters from Zack Snyder’s Batman V. Superman, The Flash had a lot of trouble. With directors and writers coming and going, and then huge administration change when AT&T bought Warner Media, it didn’t feel like the movie was going to happen.

Let’s not even talk about how the current Warner Media Discovery merger will affect the future of WB’s DC Comics movies. But even when things got on track with Muschietti aboard, Ray Fisher’s allegations against Warner Bros resulted in his removal from, what up until then, was going to be a buddy-comedy. Then there was all of the Snyder Cut drama which really caused the DC Comics speedster to take a back seat in the Warner Bros comic book priorities. 

Catching Up With Audience’s Expectations With This Michael Keaton Batman Logo

Micheal Keaton Batman logo Flash. Image via Warner Bros.

Muschietti’s inclusion as the director got the movie traction. The casting of a Supergirl in the movie was the biggest sign that Mushicetti was large and in charge. There was the DC FanDome announcement of how The Flash might introduce the Multiverse to Warner Bros’ DC Comics films. Every iteration of every DC movie, and version of their character could be canon, but in different Earths, just like the comics. This was huge. And everyone involved doubled down on it. 

The announcement of how Michael Keaton would appear in this movie, as the 1989 Batman character he played for director Tim Burton, was massive. This confirmed the scope of a multiverse. And then there was how Ben Affleck, despite all the Justice League drama, would suit back up as the current universe’s Batman, appearing in Flash as well. The excitement for the movie revved back up. While some of the momentum slowed as there were some doubts about Keaton’s involvement, it’s all amping right back up. 

The Michael Keaton Batman Logo Gets Bloody


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A post shared by Andy Muschietti (@andy_muschietti)

In an Instagram post, director Muschietti teased an image that says a lot. The image was the Michael Keaton Batman logo from the 1989 film. It looks like a shiny new Batman chest piece logo, just like the one worn by Keaton in ‘89. But with the inclusion of some blood splatter. The image didn’t include any captions. But it says a lot about where the movie is in the production stages. Machining a chest piece of this caliber says the pre-production might be completed, with filming potentially beginning soon. 

The Michael Keaton Batman logo tease also confirms the actor’s involved in the movie, putting all doubts to rest. Another Instagram post by Muschietti saw an actor’s chair with the name ‘Bruce Wayne’ on it. Some believe that Keaton might just show up as an older Bruce Wayne, but this Michael Keaton Batman logo tease conclusively proves that at some point, we will see that version of Batman on screen. Which is exciting in and of itself. It’s clear that even Muschietti is aware of the fan’s frustration and disappointment with the uncertainty behind this production. It definitely feels like sharing these teasers and images is his way of building that excitement back up again, and letting us know that things are progressing. Which I very much appreciate. Just don’t let us down, Andy!

The Flash opens in theatres on November 4, 2022. 

Featured image via Warner Bros. 


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