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Matt Smith Joins Marvel Because Of Doctor Who Companion Karen Gillian

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BY April 29, 2022

With the Morbius movie set to come out at the end of the week, Marvel fans are eager to get a glimpse of Sony’s newest Marvel character that exists, kind of, out of the MCU. The film’s antagonist, Matt Smith, said joining the mighty Marvel machine happened in part because of former Doctor Who co-star Karen Gillian. Smith did well as the Doctor, but his next attempt at a franchise in Terminator Genisys did not go as planned. So, it makes sense that the actor, who also did a stint on The Crown as young Prince Phillip, was hesitant. Yet, as Nebula, Karen Gillian has worked with Marvel for seven projects (including Thor: Love and Thunder, the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, and Guardians of the Galaxy 3, the latter two currently filing in Atlanta).

In the movie, Smith plays Milo. He’s also suffers from the same “rare blood condition,” that Jared Leto’s Michael Morbius has. He’s also loosely based on Loxias Crown, also known as Hunger, from Marvel Comics, yet the similarities are thin at best. The movie was filmed, actually, before the COVID-19 Pandemic in spring and summer of 2019. However, once the pandemic hit, the movie ended up being delayed seven times. So, not exactly a smooth start as Matt Smith joins Marvel on the Sony side of the house. Still, he’s game for plenty more films, it seems.

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As Matt Smith told, it was Doctor Who co-star Karen Gillian who convinced him:

“I phoned Karen and said, ‘What’s it like? Have you had a nice time?’ and she’s like, ‘Yeah, go for it, do it’. So I did. Good old Kaz. I mean, she’s a seasoned pro, she’s made about 9 of them…. We made it yonks ago, I can’t actually believe it’s coming out to be honest with you. I am excited for people to see it. I hope people enjoy it…. It’s a new Marvel character for them to sink their teeth into, as it were. I’m sure Michael Morbius will be one that will keep returning, so hopefully it opens up a new world which will continue in multiple films beyond this.”

Matt Smith played the 11th Doctor in Doctor Who, and his fellow Marvel alum Karen Gillian played Amy Pond. She stayed on for a season and a half but did return in Smith’s finale for a brief cameo to see him off the TARDIS. Since then the two have gone on to do other, non-genre work, but they’ve both found their way back. So, thankfully after Doctor Who, Matt Smith joins Marvel for Morbius thanks to Karen Gillian and her positive experience with these stories. Also, it’s nice when the Doctor and a companion remain pals.

In the film, it appears that Milo wants the power that Morbius gets for himself. This is similar to Loxias Crown who debuted in Spider-Man, as a Hydra Agent with “dark energy” abilities. Later, he wants to take Morbius’ power for himself. In doing press for the film, Smith acknowledged that he wasn’t even sure if Milo is Hunger or not. Luckily, we won’t have to wait too long to find out for sure.

Morbius debuts April 1, 2022 in theaters.

What do you think? Are you glad Amy Pond and the Doctor still have a chat every now and again? Do you think Morbius will be a hit and we see his character again or in Sony’s larger Spider-Verse? Share your thoughts, reactions, and theories, below.

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