Marvel Studios' Final Eternals Trailer Finally Answers Some Questions
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Marvel Studios Releases Final Eternals Trailer And Answers Some Questions

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BY August 19, 2021

Most Marvel Studios fans had questions when they announced the Eternals movie with the rest of the MCU Phase 4 at SDCC 2019. The first was, most likely, “Who are the Eternals?” The second question, however, is “where the hell have they been this whole time?” In a late-night surprise from Marvel Studios, we get the answer to that question the final trailer for Eternals. The nearly three-minute preview frames the premise of the film, which will of course involve saving the world. There is a threat called “the Emergence” that began when the Avengers brought back the people who were blipped away. Now, the Eternals have a week to get out of dodge (or possibly save humanity).

The Eternals Final Trailer Reveals Why They Didn’t Fight Thanos

The Eternals Marvel Studios Final Trailer Costumes Angelina Jolie Image via Marvel Studios

Jon Snow famously knows nothing, but that means he asks questions. Kit Harrington, playing the Black Knight (also not an Eternal), asks why they never fought Thanos or Ultron or anyone else. It turns out they were sent to Earth 7000 years ago by a Celestial with six eyes. (Comic books!) Their mission was to protect the early humans from hellish beasts known as “deviants.”  They are only permitted to take action against those things, otherwise humanity is on their own. Yet, they’ve come to view their charges with a great deal of affection. After millennia of drifting apart, they have to put the band back together and get busy saving us silly human beings. Well, maybe not.

The final trailer suggests the Eternals are looking to escape Earth before this emergence thing destroys it. I suspect, with my keen analytical mind, that they will in fact rally together as a family to thrust back this cosmic evil and save the planet for at least Spider-Man: No Way Home through Ant-Man & the Wasp: Quantumania. All kidding aside, the inclusion of the Celestials is a pathway to both Fantastic Four characters and mutants. They are uniquely interested in Earth and humanity, and are responsible for all sorts of fun and crazy things.

Marvels Studios Eternals releases on November 5, 2021, in theaters only (for now).

What do you think of the Eternals final trailer

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