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Marc Maron Attacks MCU, Says It’s For ‘Grown Male Nerd Childs’

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BY July 27, 2020
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Marc Maron makes his career on saying things that are a bit…out there. His style of comedy isn’t quite trolling, but he certainly postures as a “tell it like it is” kinda guy. Personally, I’m a huge fan of his work, but he’s choosing an odd hill to die on attacking the MCU.

In a number of tweets and recent media interviews for the upcoming Joker movie, a cast of which he is a part, Maron makes it clear he isn’t big on the MCU. In fact, he goes so far as to say that it’s for “grown male nerd childs,” apparently forgetting the plural of the word is “children.” For a comedian of Maron’s talents, it’s strange to see him resorting to such a schoolyard-bully-level taunt. He then took his criticism to Twitter, responding to people offended by his remarks.

Marc Maron Claims MCU Fans are Male Nerds

Recent updates in the MCU show a more diverse cast of actors, producers, and directors than ever before. It’s been long disproven that only men like comic books, with the self-identified women accounting for nearly half of readership. Plus, movies are universally enjoyed by all. Everyone from directors, producers, costume designers, and yes, the actors in the MCU are women. We can easily discount the male nerd thing, but what about the infantilization of MCU fans Maron claims makes the films too immature for his liking?

Maron: The MCU is for Children

You see it throughout the history of popular culture. Everyone from the literary great Charles Dickens to the likes of playwright William Shakespeare regularly took flack for writing stories deemed childish or unsophisticated. Yes, children love superheroes. But, what about all the adults who make it out to these movies? Maybe the MCU is less about childish characters and mundane plots and more about the wonder they inspire. Watching MCU films invokes feelings of adventure and limitlessness. That makes for a great moviegoing experience. When Marc Maron attacks the MCU, he’s attacking our modern mythology, that will be a part of our culture for generations.

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