Man Of Steel Reboot Will Change Superman's Origin
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Man Of Steel Reboot Will Change Superman’s Origin

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BY November 9, 2022

A new rumor indicates that Man of Steel 2 could be a reboot. If true, this would cause a split among fans.

During the production of The Flash, various insiders stated that the character of Superman would have a reboot in the DCEU. Initially, it was expected to use his cousin Kara or Supergirl to impersonate the last son of Krypton. When there were problems between actor Henry Cavill and the studio, they even talked about killing off the character as a baby.

With the Black Adam movie, we had Cavill’s return to the character, not only in a cameo in this production. We will also have the second filming of Man of Steel. However, it will not be as many thought. Several possibilities had been raised, such as a fight with Brainiac to save his cousin and family.

With DC’s new direction, a direction change is evident, including Superman. The new movie will not be a sequel, as we all thought, but a reboot of the saga, for this will take advantage of the effects of Flashpoint to create an alternative origin of Clark Kent, erasing the events that occurred in the 2013 film. 

Man Steel Reboot Will Change Superman’s Origin

Henry Cavill Superman Image: Walter Bros. Studios

The new Man of Steel movie gives a lot to talk about. Some sources stated that the production would reboot the character’s history. In Man of Steel, the reboot would not eliminate General Zod, as seen in 2013, which only pleased several fans. This act was too rude for some, but mandatory if the story of the comics was to be continued.

This change of direction may be happening thanks to the new DC filmmakers James Gunn and Peter Safran. After getting the green light from David Zaslav, they want to change the filming direction to a lighter environment. 

For this Man of Steel reboot, they will use the Flashpoint that will happen in The Flash movie with Ezra Miller. In this event, the speedster will change the timeline by traveling to the past, affecting the history of many DC characters. In this case, it will make Clark Kent’s life different from the one told.

This plot opens many possibilities. Considering many series and comics, it could happen that he does not fall on Kent’s farm. Therefore he would not be adopted by this family but could be picked up by the government. In an animated movie called Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, we see something similar: the government captures him, and Cyborg later rescues him.

Another possibility is that the Kent family adopts him. However, the discovery of his history and the development of his powers are different. In this Man of Steel reboot, he would not face Zod, as in the previous case, we could see a confrontation with Lex Luthor, the main villain of this superhero.   

Henry Cavill Likes the Reboot Idea

Henry Cavill shows his scar Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America

The idea of a Man of Steel reboot would give a new timeline to Superman, which would provide a fresher and calmer environment and setting for the hero, although there is no comment on the plot of this filming. However, starting over with the character seems to please Cavill.

Cavil commented that what was shown by his character in the first film was not entirely to his liking. When he is forced to break General Zod’s neck to save the Earth, he will have a more serene and calm growth with this reboot. According to the actor’s statements, this new beginning has his support.

The actor said that one of his strongest desires is to bring his character to a more fun and luminous environment. In this context, the idea of the Man of Steel reboot makes a lot of sense. It also makes him excited about what new stories he will be able to develop with his Superman character and what alternatives this new plot will show. 

Zack Snyder’s Superman Vision

Henry Cavill Snyder Cut Future Superman Shirt Angry at Batman Image via Warner Bros.

However, many fans appreciate Zack Snyder’s vision. The filmmaker brought the character into an emotionally complex context for the first time. His arc had ups and downs due to problems between Snyder and the studio. However, it would be a shame to throw this plot framework away by making a Man of Steel reboot.

As for the story they will tell about Clark Kent, it is feasible that we will see the evolution of this character in a lighter environment. The Kent family may take him care of again, although in a less complicated environment, as shown in the first film. Another possibility is that his parents take him, but they die during the trip to Earth.

For now, the plot remains open, leaving questions about who will be the new film’s villain and what will be the new origin of Superman. Also, how it will connect with the Justice League and what new stories await us after Flashpoint in The Flash

Featured Image Via Warner Bros.


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