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Leaked The Batman Scene Shows 4K Terror At A Funeral

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BY February 2, 2022

A scene from upcoming Batman movie recently leaked, but instead of covering it up or asking the actors to pretend like it’s fake, Matt Reeves released a 4K version of it on his Vimeo page. I guess the director thinks if you are going to try to get a sneak peek of the next Dark Knight film, watch it in the best quality. It’s the future, people, save those grainy videos for set leaks and Vine compilations. The leaked The Batman scene gives us a lot without showing that much beyond a funeral, and we’re here to break down everything we’re seeing in it. 

The Batman 4k Image via DC Films

Bruce Wayne Attends a Funeral in 4K, Talkative as Ever

The scene starts with Batman at a huge funeral. In attendance are a lot of police and other high-profile people of Gotham. Among them is the same woman from the trailer who critiques Bruce for “not doing anything” despite his family’s history of philanthropy. We hear from a phone call that the D.A. Gil Coulson is missing. The response to that news is another officer saying “Not again,” implying that people are disappearing willy nilly. One of the best ways Batman comics argue for the necessity of Batman is by having the entire legal system basically always at risk, and we’re getting some of that urgency in The Batman

The Batman Funeral image via DC Films

Gil Coulson isn’t missing for long. A car, decked out in white symbols poorly painted on, crashes through the doors in this enormous funeral. Batman saves a child because he’s Batman, and looks up to see a looming figure on a crowded Balcony. In the chaos, they disappear, but we get a profile glimpse, and they have glasses similar to The Riddler’s. Gil Coulson steps out of the car with a bomb around his neck and his mouth taped closed. The tape has “no more lies” written on it. He has a note taped to his chest like a dangerous sack lunch. It says “To The Batman.” Coulson holds up a ringing phone, and that’s it. In the grand scheme of this move that will run nearly 3 hours, this leaked 4K scene doesn’t really tell us much we didn’t already know about The Batman

What Does the Leaked The Batman Scene Mean in Context?

It looks like The Batman has something major in common with the most successful Batman movie of all time. The Dark Knight had a lot going for it, but the tone really made it feel like everything had weight. There was this layer of dread because The Joker was both always a step ahead and absolutely brutally enjoying it while he was. Batman comics live off the cruelty of his villains, and it really feels like we’re getting that just from this leaked scene with The Riddler. It’s a funeral, but nobody is surprised. Someone’s missing, but this has happened before. A car crashes into a building and the D.A. steps out with a neck bomb and a message, and all anyone can do is run. 

Leaked The Batman Scene Image via DC Films

The Batman seems like it’s leaning into what makes Batman really Batman: fear and badass detective work. The Riddler has had an interesting character history, but this time he seems like a genuinely terrifying dude in this one, and Batman isn’t all muscle and raspy voices. In fact, Robert Pattinson looks weathered and exhausted when he’s just in a suit and tie. It looks like we’re finally leaning more into Batman’s actual detective work because there’s actually something to be found out. It’s not just about finding where The Riddler is at any given time or figuring out how to get from Hard Rock to Gotham in an afternoon. The Riddler isn’t chaos or muscles and a sick mask. Seeing Batman go up against villains as smart as he is makes for an incredibly satisfying battle where his inevitable victory feels deserved. It’s not just that he has the best technology or impressive friends. 

This leaked 4K scene from The Batman is kind of the perfect tonal teaser because it doesn’t give much away, but it tells us what kind of movie we’re getting. Batman has an enemy he can’t just punch or throw off a train, and we’re jazzed to see where it goes. 

The Batman hits theaters March 4th, 2022, and tickets go on Sale February 10.

What did you catch from the leaked 4k funeral scene from The Batman? How do you feel about how Twilight veteran Robert Pattinson is doing as Bruce Wayne? Tell us your thoughts, reactions, and theories in the comments!

Featured image via DC Films


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