The New Mutants Trailer Shows Us The X-Men Of A New Generation
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Latest The New Mutants Trailer Shows Us The X-Men Of A New Generation

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BY April 14, 2022

The new New Mutants trailer finally confirms’ the movie’s release date. After a lot of back and forth between production delays, reshoots, and even the sale of the original production studio, the film will finally see the light of day. The trailer confirms that the movie will have a theatrical release now that it’s under the Disney banner.

Who Are The New Mutants?

The New Mutants are characters from the X-Men franchise of Marvel Comics. While the X-Men can are the mainstream, a popular group of characters, The New Mutants are like the more younger and indie version. The New Mutants comic books were essentially spin-offs from the original X-Men titles. The group consisted of teenagers banding together, learning about their powers, dealing with their lives, while becoming superheroes. A premise very similar to that of the X-Men themselves, but with more unknown faces and opportunities for newer stories.

The New Mutants allowed more of the supporting characters to take centre stage in their own right. Comic legend Chris Claremont and artist Bob McLeod created the original group of characters in 1982. The interest for these characters are still going strong today as Marvel Comics recently just launched a new The New Mutants title.

From Comic Book To The Big Screen

At a time when the X-Men film franchise became revitalized in 2014, with Days Of Future Past consolidating two versions of the cast of characters, Fox and X-Men movie overseer, Simon Kinberg received a pitch for The New Mutants. Coming from Writer-Director Josh Boone, the project was very much a personal one for the filmmaker. Having grown up on New Mutant comics books, Boone wanted to bring their story to the big screen.

A poster for The New Mutants trailer. Image via Twentieth Century Fox

So Boone pitched a very horror take on the superhero genre, and The New Mutants were set to become a spin-off of the original X-Men movie universe. During this time, however, the X-Men movies, as well as Twentieth Century Fox itself, home of the franchise, went through a lot of ups and downs. Mostly downs.

How The Behind The Scenes Affected This Final New Mutants Trailer

After Days Of Future Past, the next X-Men movie, Apocalypse, didn’t do too well with critics, currently holding a 45% on Rotten Tomatoes. This resulted in absolute zero momentum of fan interest or care, heading into their next film, X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

During this time, Twentieth Century Fox was also bought out by Disney. The New Mutants had already finished production, and the first official trailer (not this one) came out. Horror fans rejoiced. Comic book movie fans wanted more. Boone’s horror take on the superhero genre immediately grabbed everyone’s attention. A potential trilogy of films within this same tone saw a possible new invigoration of the franchise for Fox.

But then there were reports of the movie being too dark for an X-Men property. Rumors of reshoots circled, but it was unclear if those were to tone down the original, or to punch it up, as is the main reason behind reshoots. And with all this, The New Mutants’ release date delayed, multiple times, for various reasons. X-Men: Dark Phoenix was the last X-Men movie to come out from Fox. And it bombed disastrously at the box office. So the fate of The New Mutants was completely up in the air. That is, until this new trailer released.

Streaming Or Theatrical Or Cancelled entirely?

Entertainment journalists and pundits spent the better part of last year theorizing about where The New Mutants would fall. Many thought the film would never release due to it not being profitable for Disney to market and invest in a Fox movie. Others suspected a Hulu streaming release, given that the movie was (supposedly) very dark and rooted in the horror genre. While most, including the stars of The New Mutants, had absolutely no idea what was going on.

The latest news came when Josh Boone teased a new trailer on social media. It cautiously excited people for, at least, a final word on the status of the film. Now, that very The New Mutants trailer is here, and there is confirmation about the movie’s release! At long last.

The cast of The New Mutants trailer. Image via Twentieth Century Fox

The New Mutants Trailer Is Brand New, But Also Familiar

The latest New Mutants trailer offers something very interesting. It offers a formulaic introduction to all the characters of the film, along with the major premise and overall conflict. We see Dani, a mutant just learning about her powers, as she she meets the others in the same situation as hers, in a hospital. We meet the other awesome characters, with amazing powers, and then realize the hospital is not what we all expected.

It’s incredibly basic for a trailer; from its straight forward introduction to its cookie-cutter flow. But I love it. It’s exciting, interesting and extremely familiar. At this point, the simplification of this film is the best thing for it. Especially after all this back and forth, will it release, or won’t it controversy. Having the movie marketed as one that’s accessible to any audience makes the chances of its success that much higher.

The New Mutants Trailer Looks Like A What If? Story

The New Mutants trailer works almost like an amazing What If? styled story about the X-Men themselves. What if young teenagers violently developed superhuman abilities that threatened the safety of themselves and those around them? What would that do to their status in society and their emotional well being? The premise does sound more at home as a horror story than an idealistic utopia shepherded by a soothsaying bald man in a wheelchair.

Although, this isn’t the first time that Fox tried their hand at a superhero story told with horror vibes. Elements of Josh Tranks’, now universally panned Fantastic Four reboot, took a hard and horror-ish look at how real-life powers would affect young people in the real world. While the movie had a whole lot of other issues at play, it might have been those elements, combined with that specific property that turned critics and audiences off. Personally, I was one of the 3 people that actually liked Trank’s version.

How Does The New Mutants Fit Into Marvel Studios?

Dark Phoenix was before the acquisition of Fox by Disney. So it’s not technically a Disney owned Marvel movie. Whereas The New Mutants are a movie that was in production during the acquisition and now has Disney releasing the film. So how does that affect their other Marvel Comics properties that are part of the Marvel Shared Universe? (MCU)

It’s hard to believe that The New Mutants could have become a part of the MCU as that comes with fanfare, teases and a grand entrance on the comic-con stage! It’s more likely that The New Mutants will be a standalone film, not at all connected to the rest of the MCU. Which is a shame, because this latest New Mutants trailer really makes me excited for what this story has to offer and where these characters can go. But I wonder if the knowledge that this is a one-and-done, and the lack of franchise plans, will bode well for the movie if it ends up becoming a fan favorite.

The New Mutants releases in theatres (hopefully) on April 3. 

What did you think about The New Mutants trailer? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image via Twentieth Century Fox.


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