Keanu Reeves Wishes That He Could Have Played Wolverine
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Keanu Reeves Wishes That He Could Have Played Wolverine, But Would It Have Worked?

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BY March 16, 2022

Most of us have watched a film and wished that another actor was placed in the starring role. Despite not being privy to the highly competitive world of film casting, we all have our ideal cast lists out there! Actors may get used to seeing others in their dream roles, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t have ideal cast lists that star themselves. In a recent interview with SiriusXM, Keanu Reeves explained that he wishes he could have played Wolverine. The more we think about it, the more we can see it.

Keanu Reeves Wishes That He Could Have Played Wolverine

Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves have been busy doing interviews ahead of the release for Bill & Ted Face the Music. While talking with Andy Cohen on SiriusXM, a subscriber joins to ask the stars what roles they wish they could travel back in time to do. With little reflection needed, Reeves jumps to his answer, saying that he “always wanted to play Wolverine.”

Hugh Jackman has always been our Wolverine. He has excelled in the role and managed to capture the true essence of the chaotic, tragic, and multi-layered character. While we wouldn’t go so far as saying that Keanu Reeves would make a better Wolverine, it’s not a portrayal that we can’t imagine! Reeves is best known for his action roles including The Matrix and John Wick, so we’ve seen glimpses of rage that would make a great Wolverine.

You can watch Keanu Reeves’ full answer in the SiriusXM interview below.

Jackman made his debut as Wolverine in 2000 with X-Men, which recently had its 20th anniversaryThe Matrix released only a year prior, launching Reeves to stardom. Based on the timeline for casting both films, the word is that 20th Century Fox considered casting Keanu Reeves in the early days of putting the X-Men together.

We could still hope that Keanu Reeves may be cast as Wolverine in a future film. However, the action star says that it’s too late for him. You never know, Keanu!

Readers, can you see Keanu Reeves playing the iconic character of Wolverine? Let us know in the comments!

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