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Jurassic World Sequel to be R-Rated?

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BY October 3, 2022
After Universal released the most recent Jurassic World movie, Jurassic World: Dominion, it seemed like this was the franchise’s end. After all, it put to bed many of the storylines from the entire series and seemed to close out the series for good. Unfortunately, reviews for the film weren’t great, with many people criticising the lack of focus on the dinosaurs. Similarly, other reviewers claimed the storyline wasn’t there and said it was a disappointing end to the franchise. However, Colin Trevorrow, the director of the three Jurassic World films, recently spoke about his hopes for the franchise. Trevorrow said that he wants a Jurassic World sequel movie to be R-rated!
In his eyes, a future film set in the series should be R-rated, as this would allow the creators to make something truly scary. However, he also said this kind of film needs to be self-contained. He argued that there doesn’t need to be a sequel or prequel – just one solidly scary dinosaur film. Trevorrow made these comments while promoting the extended cut of Jurassic World Dominion. He said he’d be happy to make a Jurassic World sequel movie with Universal, as long as they promised to make them scarier. Of course, this doesn’t mean one is coming, but it’s pretty good to hear that a Jurassic World sequel is in the realm of possibility!

Jurassic World Sequel Movie

Jurassic World Sequel Image: Universal

During an interview, the interviewer asked Trevorrow about a Jurassic World sequel. Here’s what he said:

“It’s hard to answer that question. I don’t know. I do know that if we made A Quiet Place, if we made a hard R really scary version, potentially very contained, I know I’d want to see that movie. If a parent took their kid to that movie and horrified them for life, I know that would be a problem.”

A Quiet Place was one of the biggest horror movies of recent years. This is mostly because of the unique spin it puts on horror movies by using the fear of sound to its fullest. So, using this movie as a basis for a Jurassic World sequel is an excellent idea! Later, Trevorrow went on to say:

“Look, I don’t want to put any cuffs on whoever has a vision for this in the future. All I know is that people love dinosaurs, people love movies with dinosaurs in them, and I know people love the world that Michael Crichton created. The reason why there are dinosaurs and humans in the same place, that sci-fi idea, it’s a brilliant idea. From there, I feel like someone else should come to us.”

Clearly, Trevorrow doesn’t want to put the cart before the horse with a Jurassic World sequel. There’s no word if Universal has commissioned another entry, let alone a rating! However, an R-rated version of the film would be pretty exciting and would be something different for the franchise. After all, each film in the series has been PG-13 or lower. An R-rated film would allow for much more gore, fear, and terror – just what the franchise needs!

Jurassic Park Franchise

Jurassic World Sequel Image: Universal

Currently, there have been six entries in the Jurassic franchise. The first was Jurassic Park in 1993, followed by a sequel named The Lost World in 1997. The next film was Jurassic Park III from 2001, followed by sequel movies stuck in development hell. It wasn’t until 2015 that we got Jurassic World, with the Jurassic World sequel named the Fallen Kingdom coming out in 2018. Finally, after many delays, Dominion dropped earlier this year. This film saw the cast from the original Jurassic Park movie finally reuniting, alongside the lead characters from the Jurassic World movies.

If Universal were to make a Jurassic World sequel, it’s unlikely it’ll feature any of the same characters. So, no Claire Dearing, no Owen Grady, and no one from Jurassic Park. A sequel movie will likely depend on the success of Jurassic World Dominion. However, there have been rumours about a potential crossover with The Fast and Furious franchise. However, Trevorrow has spoken against this possibility:

“This idea is so new. That wasn’t allowed when I was a kid, you didn’t get to just like you did when you were playing with the toys, you smash them together. Now it’s like, well whatever your parent company happens to own, you can (use).”

It certainly would be a weird crossover for a movie! You can now catch the extended edition of Jurassic World Dominion on digital download, Blu-ray, and 4K Ultra HD. This version features an extra 14 minutes of new footage and a different opening scene.

What are your thoughts? Would you like an R-rated Jurassic World sequel? Let us know below!



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