The Joker Deleted Scene 2022 – Cut Scene From The Batman Released
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The Joker Deleted Scene 2022 – Cut Scene From The Batman Released Online

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BY May 20, 2022

We knew pretty early on that Barry Keoghan was going to play a version of the Joker in Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Yet, we didn’t get much of him in the movie. During the press tour, however, the director said that he cut a deleted scene from the 2022 movie showed the Joker facing off with Batman. No, it’s not a mini-battle between these two arch-nemeses in the movie. Like in the cut we all saw, the Joker is locked away by the time of the events of The Batman. Yet, this deleted scene gives us a lot of insight into this universe’s Batman and Joker relationship, two years into his war against crime.

Given that the movie was three hours long, it is surprising that Matt Reeves cut this Joker scene from The Batman. We learn the most about the Joker in this deleted scene, but we also get a smidgen of insight into this 2022 version of the Batman. Simply by virtue of him going to see the Joker at all, it tells us more than some might think. In The Dark Knight, the Joker forces himself into Batman’s path, already obsessed with the crimefighter. Bale’s Bruce Wayne is a victim of his attention, he does not seek it. Robert Pattinson’s Batman? Well, he brought the Riddler case file to the Joker with no prompting.

Light spoilers for The Batman below.

Is This Batman Already ‘Infatuated’ with This Joker?

The Joker Deleted Scene 2022 Cut Scene The Batman Image via Warner Bros.

We get two important things about the 2022 version of the Joker in this deleted scene from The Batman. The cut scene gives us the clearest look at Barry Keoghan’s Joker, who does seem to have white skin and greenish hair. He also seems to sport very harsh chemical burns, consistent with being dropped into a vat of acid. We also hear the Joker tell Batman that it’s their “anniversary” in the scene. That means this Batman caught the Joker in or at the end of his ”Year One.” Batman says that he came for the Joker’s perspective on the case, which seems a bit strange.

At no point in the movie do I think the case was ever so hopeless that he had to turn to Joker for help. Though, it is worth noting that Batman doesn’t really stop anything in this movie. Save for a few names on his list, the Riddler arguably wins. Now, Batman also “wins,” because of his character’s arc in the film. An arc pretty much encapsulated by the sequence which contains that scene from The Batman trailer of him covered in dirt and dust looking up into the sky. (No, alas, it’s not Superman.)

So, unless there are other scenes, Batman simply wanted to see him. This might be the first time we get see in the movies the Batman cultivating his side of the Joker relationship. The 2022 Batman doesn’t fully know who he is, and we get more of that in this cut scene from the Joker. The Joker gives voice to the idea that the Riddler is a lot like the Batman, which may explain why Reeves deleted the scene. It turned the subtext into text too early in the movie.

The Batman without the deleted Joker scene is still in theaters and should be on home release in late 2022, hopefully with the cut scene in special features.

Batman has one of the deepest rogue’s gallery benches in comics, so I admit to being less than excited to get our sixth live-action Joker. Yet, watching Barry Keoghan’s performance in this scene, I am starting to think he was the most interesting Bat villain in the movie. What do you think? Share your thoughts, reactions, and theories in the comments.

Featured image via Warner Bros.


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